Long Drop, 27/06/2020

Long Drop, 27/06/2020

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    Long Drop 27/06/2020
    Chris Scaife, Carol Smith

    After a Winter of work and a Spring of lockdown, my fitness has some catching up to do, so I got Chris to take me caving as a pre-birthday treat.
    We chose Long Drop because neither of us had been there before and because it offered some of the much needed SRT-training I needed, without it being a long trip, and, oh, what a great choice it was.
    Three pitches with some meandering crawling in between them, nice and easy. The second and third pitches have very awkward pitch heads, but the rebelays and deviation on the third pitch are some of the easiest I’ve ever encountered. On top of that the day was a bit drizzly, but the cave was practically dry. And so warm.
    In total we were underground for less than three hours, and that involved some faffing with the rope between the first and second pitches, as we had the idea to do them with one single rope. (Advice: It’s easier with two ropes).
    With a few more trips like this one I should be back to cave fitness for when I’m ready to meet with other humans.

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