Turbary Pot pull through, 15/5/21

Turbary Pot pull through, 15/5/21

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    Today’s trip is, I think, best summed up with bullet points.

    – If you turn up in Kingsdale at 11 am on a Saturday, there’s a high chance there will already be people in Bull Pot.

    – Turbary Pot pull through is an excellent substitute, especially when you see that no one else is parked near Valley Entrance.

    – The crawl through Turbary Inlet would be much easier if you put the 40m and 45m ropes into separate tackle sacks.

    – If Sharman insists on driving in his undersuit, he should really remember to bring a pair of trousers to change into afterwards.

    – When you have to sit outside the pub in the rain and they say they can bring an umbrella for your table, they might actually just mean one you have to hold in your hand.

    – If Alex lends Sharman a pair of waterproof trousers to wear in the pub, he’ll want them back before he leaves so Sharman will have to strip down to his underpants in front of the whole pub.


    Nout stopping him doing it in his car, but Shaman, likes being Shaman lol. (I needed em back as they are my Fell rescue waterproofs and belong to the team so are not strictly mine in the first place).

    Chris Sharman

    Got home without getting pulled over :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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