28/01/2024 Buckden gavel mine

28/01/2024 Buckden gavel mine

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    This trip was well attended, with me, JP, Ron, Daz of mining & The lesser spotted Dunc.

    The walk up the waterfalls is fantastic and one of the highlights of the day, though a little hazardous in places. There is another route up there, so one don’t have to brave those dangers if one does not wish.

    Once in, we explored every nuck and cranny finding several shafts in the floor that don’t look like they have been descended. Daz bravely or maybe foolishly traversed over one blocking the way on to enter a collapsed area (The shaft was very crumbly), that he suspected had bad air with on-going passage.

    We found a passage with a strong draft that ended at a high shaft going up, which on the survey says needs gear so maybe has not been looked at. Me and Ron climbed our way up a shaft some 100m further back where Ron posted me up the last section and waited for my return. This is about 10m up here and is a little labyrinth of what I assume is dug out ore. I was able to follow one passage with a draft reaching another shaft down, that I could traverse over. I was heading towards the big shaft (this one was not it) and the source of the draft I assume. A return should be made to see where this goes, I assume there is some vent or another entrance but I could not see any evidence of surface debris, with this passage looking partially natural I am interested to where this could go.

    There’s also a lot of un-dropped shafts in here, it looks like this place offers more than the survey shows, there’s even a small natural passage acting as a spring which is unfortunately too small to enter.

    After this, me and John had to leave due to prior commitments and the others carried on exploring finding more shafts to climb.

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