Bull pot of the rocks.

Bull pot of the rocks.

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    We had a rocking time down this easy pot. Shaman of quartz did the initial rigging around a group of school kids who where doing there first or maybe second SRT trip. At the bottom it was crystal clear they were only going to be doing the entrance pitch.

    Shaman continued to rig and this time I could not “fault” his rigging. On we went down the slot by, this was being an easy trip though we should not take it for granite. I took other on the 4th as planned the final y-hang being difficult but being a Gneiss I soon had it rigged in a way.

    The deviation was not needed on the 4th but we put it in anyway lest a rift form between us. Pitch number 5 followed and was rather awkward but I know my Schist and soon got it rigged once I found the anchors.

    All was left was to quickly explore a side passage but Shaman could not make it into the passage, maybe because he could not anchor the rope or maybe because it was because he was petrified?

    Trip done we went to the Marton arms and partied at the book launch all night, one might say we were rocking around the clock!

    Stoned cavers: Alex Ritchie, John Proctor, Chris Shaman, Chris Scaif, Carol Smith.

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