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    We did not get underground :(

    We located the only possible entrance in the area, which consisted of a slumped shakehole and a squashed plastic pipe which we presumed was the old entrance pipe. We managed to clear a lot of it dirt and rocks and opened up a small and very unstable passage but we could not get in due to a combination of pipe and old shoring being in the way. If we removed the shoring then a but a lot more is going to come down. We could see into an small waterfilled tube ahead of us which sounds like the description for the original way in, which was meant to be next to the tube as far as we could tell.

    If we had tools, such as crow bars and shovels with us, we might have gotten in (And a saw that cuts through plastic), but we were not expecting a dig. I guess that answers why there is no trip reports down here, which is a shame as the cave is over 300m long and 70 odd meters deep.

    All in all a bust really. We did not get underground as my suggestion of doing the first 3 pitches in tatham (with the rope we had) was met with the greatest lack of enthusiasm, with talk of pubs.

    On the way back many holes were looked at, one promising, but again no tools meant we could not get into this either despite is being tantalisingly close to open stream passage ahead.

    EDIT: The caves we were looking at on the way back were Greenwood pots, one is over 50m deep so also worth opening up again.

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