Cow Pot – Saturday 19th Sept

Cow Pot – Saturday 19th Sept

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    Present: Chris(s) Kelly and Sharman, Mike Skyrme

    Despite previous visits to Cow Pot, none of us had ever descended via the Devious Route – what a marvellous way down. Short pitches and a little thrutchiness at the head of the last pitch but nothing difficult. 2 options on the last drop:
    1. Straight down onto the boulders at the bottom of Fall Pot
    2. Swing onto ledge (obvious) part way down and rig traverse around and up muddy slope to the usual entry to Fall Pot when coming from Lancaster Hole.

    We chose the latter.

    Both Chris’s then descended an in situ rope to the boulder pile whilst I opted for the traditional way via the roped climbs.

    Once into the Main Drain we ambled round to the downstream sump before turning around to have a pleasant stomp up to Oxbow Corner – the end point for the day.

    The return to the surface was pretty uneventful with the exceptìon of a lost Snickers bar whilst someone was trying to negotiate the tightish rift/slot back to the entrance pitch.

    A good little trip and a fantastic way down.

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