Dihedral pot- Saturday 20th July

Dihedral pot- Saturday 20th July

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    Attendees: Me (Dazof), Dan, Mike S and Chris S

    Weather: But wet but lovely in the afternoon.

    This would be Dans lay trip for a while as he has decided to betray the north and become a southerner :negative: and he wanted to go somewhere new for him, Dihedral was dans choice, it was a good choice. :good:

    Meeting in clapham I set of up the ingleborough trail first wanted to make sure my fitness was still there after several months of fatherhood, I should not have bothered as two mins up the hill a estate worker’s 4×4 shot past carrying the jammy team in the back, in I jumped and we had a fun and bumpy ride up the hill, this is a walkin in style :yahoo:

    Getting dropped off just before trow gill we stomped the rest of the way to Gaping gill and set off down the cave. Mike rigged the top section with minimum faf and then asked if I had chickened out yet, not today mike :good: swift progress wad made to the ledge where dan took over.

    There seems to be some confusion with the rigging here as “that” divination is still in but now on a BADLY frayed rope that is in desperate need of replacement, anyhow down we all went to an empty and fairly dry main chamber.

    I wanted to head up first again testing my fitness while everyone else went to look at an obsure chamber somewhere, after a quick snack up I went again suprising myself with my speed as I didn’t hear the others till the second diviation from the top, once on the surface I chatted to some tourists and then me and mike took them to look at the top of the pitch, all good caving promotion as they said they would be back for the winch :good: .

    Chris and Dan derigged and we were soon reunited on a sunny gaping gill, going down via the farm we ended the day in the bunkhouse with a pint, lovely day out :good:

    Chris Sharman

    A fine trip.
    The deviation wasn’t that bad – was only the sheath gone – the core looked fine.


    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t think Dihedral was a “pot” but merely a “route” down Gaping Gill

    The deviation wasn’t that bad – was only the sheath gone – the core looked fine.

    Looked a tad unnerving from above though :negative: Was only when you pulled yourself into it you could see the core was still relatively intact :good:


    Thanks for a fine trip chaps! Been waiting about 20 years to do that route! Worth it though as the view going down to the ledge is one of the finest I’ve seen. The deviation rope definitely needs replacing! It’s not exactly a small deviation either.

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