Ding Dong Mine and Daylight Hole

Ding Dong Mine and Daylight Hole

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    Saturday 15th of July 2017
    Cavers: Chris Scaife, Alex Ritchie, James Carlisle

    We had a rare trip underground in Furness on Saturday. First of all we descended the well-concealed entrance shaft via a metal pipe. Our 42m rope, tied round a tree with a deviation on the opposite side of the pipe, gave us plenty of excess at the bottom. Once down we explored most nooks and crannies: some interesting passageways, a few wet bits and some fairly loose climbing.

    Once back out we decided to have a look at Daylight Hole, only about fifteen minutes walk away. The entrance to this mine is very impressive; an enormous yawning hole at the bottom of a crater, with a lake and clouds of mist floating upwards. After some entertaining scrambles over boulders in the entrance chamber, we explored the mine passages. All very pleasant and we found a few mine carts. Red mud everywhere though.

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