Gaping Gill Excursion: 26 August 2017

Gaping Gill Excursion: 26 August 2017

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    Members: Alex, Don

    The day started with a shopping trip to Inglesport, where I bought a new set of SRT gear and Alex bought a new oversuit (8th so far this year). Per Sharman’s we parked at Newby Cote so as to avoid paying the £1 fee to the Ingleborough Estate ferryman, then made our way up to the CPC tent at Gaping Gill. Our original plan was to go in Marilyn and out Hensler’s, however this didn’t pan out when we discovered that Hensler’s wasn’t rigged. In fact, very few pitches were rigged. The number was limited to Bar, Flood, Marilyn, Stream Passage, Echo Rift, Disappointment (only pitches 3-5, i.e. below Marilyn), and Dihedral (CPC members only). Alex and I decided to go in via Marilyn and did a round trip:

    Marilyn – bottom of last pitch in Disappointment – Hensler’s Master Cave – ladder leading up to Far Waters – top of Echo Rift – back Hensler’s Master Cave – Hensler’s High Aven – upstream New Hensler’s crawl – Mud Hall – Gaping Gill main chamber – Bar Pot – out Stile Pot

    Once we emerged back into daylight we had an enjoyable walk in sunny weather back down to the car. It was enjoyable to go caving as neither Alex nor I had been for quite a while.



    I think there should be a Netflix series about your plans to do Hensler’s every time you go caving, and how you almost always end up doing something else.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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