Heron and Yordas 08/11/2014

Heron and Yordas 08/11/2014

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    Chris Sharman

    Went and did Heron & Yordas, neither of which Dan had done.
    Checked the Heron bottom entrance, which looked passable – but decided to do in and out anyway. Went in the top, and discovered water levels were fairly high. Lots of water coming out of the inlet on the left, which we didn’t explore. Down the pitches which needed all the bolts rigged, and were still a bit wet. We did explore Phreatic inlet – think I’ve been up there before. Back up the pitches, and across to Yordas.
    Went in top entrance, which was very wet – nothing much visible from about 5m down. Pulled the rope down, then went down the flat-out bit to middle entrance. We climbed up the first cascade, and a free climb (fairly sporting). I’d always free-climbed middle entrance in the past, so was a bit disconcerted to find the entrance mostly washed clear of handy trees to climb. Dan chimneyed up ok though, and rigged it for me. Went back in bottom entrance to admire the waterfall – it looked definitely unwise.

    Chris Sh


    Just to add….if ever anyone goes down there in similar water levels it would probably be wise to check that the flat out crawl is passable before pulling the rope down!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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