Heron Pot, High Level Route, 6/10/18

Heron Pot, High Level Route, 6/10/18

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    Heron Pot
    Saturday 6th of October 2018
    Cavers: Chris Scaife, Carolina Smith, Dan Jackson

    Seven Black Rose cavers turned up at Inglesport on a day when water levels were quite high. Alex wanted some rigging practice, so took Chrises Kelly and Sharman, and Don Miller, to Cupcake. I understand he now calls them all his cupcakes.

    Thinking seven people would be a lot for a cave with so many pitches, we three martyrs sacrificed the muddy thrutch and instead went to Kingsdale to do Heron Pot. A short and easy trip, but completely different from any of the caves any of us have been in recently. Massively delayed as I’d bought a new SRT kit in Inglesport and somehow come away with two hand jammers and no chest jammer, we got underground at 12. Last time I went caving in Northumberland I was finished and having lunch by 12.

    It’s a very enjoyable trip and the high water levels made it more fun, and they certainly could have been a lot higher without any danger. The Traditional Route was looking somewhat diluvial, but we found a good fixed rope to ascend for the start of the High Level Route. From here I rigged around the exciting traverse, with minimal ledges in places, but very well placed bolts, culminating in a dry, clear hang. From the bottom I could then watch Dan and Carol traversing. I wish I’d had my camera. Actually I wish Dan had had his camera, then there might have been some good photos.

    All down, we continued downstream until it got very wet, and didn’t bother going further because we had no intention of exiting the bottom entrance; so we spun right round, baby right round, and returned up and out. Then to the Courtyard Dairy for more cheese than you could shake a stick at.



    Sounds like you had some fun, but you never got to go tackle sack fishing!



    Nor did you get to experience the disappointment of having drop your beloved tackle bag dropped down a tiny rift by a careless Sharman. :negative:

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