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    We numbered five in total; Dunc, Rob, Alex, Dan and Daz (though we didn’t see much of him).
    A large variety of lectures were visited, Dales-Peak-Forest round-ups to 3D Chambers to China to Matienzo, Vietnam, USA and far more besides.
    Alex and Rob attempted the Cave Olympics and gained 4th place, missing 3rd by a mere 2 seconds!
    Large amounts of beer were drunk and with the Saturday evening disco/stomp we danced or moshed occasionally (as a threesome, ooeer missus) the night away. A varied selection of music made even more varied by Bill and the harmonica – Prodigy, really? Yes! And I can’t say I’ve ever “danced” to the Proclaimers-500miles before!!

    All in all a marvellous weekend.

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