Illusion/Dale Barn 19th November

Illusion/Dale Barn 19th November

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    Dunc and I had a short trip to Illusion and through the connection into Dale Barn Cave. The connection is nothing more than a canal that is a bit low at the end.
    At the left hand end of the Expressway chamber, there are some very fine formations (well worth a look).
    Following the water at the opposite end of Expressway (avoiding Vandal passage recommended), you reach a crawl down on the left into Rushton Chamber with more stals. From here you can then traverse Brunel rift to the start/end of sump 3 in Dale Barn. Descending Brunel rift you can then climb up into Boottrapper passage for 61 metres before a further climb is needed into another crawl which leads to another sump.
    Great little trip with some good formations.

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