Lancaster digging (again) 17th October 2014

Lancaster digging (again) 17th October 2014

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    With unsettled weather and a poor forecast, we opted to go to Lancaster to have another attempt at digging. Three of us descended (Dunc, Pete and Rob) and we removed about 30 sacks of spoil from the dig face before calling it a day. It was knackering work though as the spoil was basically clay and rock hard and very heavy to drag out to boot.
    All in all, about 2 feet gained for 3 hours work lol!
    Upon reaching the surface, it was leathering it down and got worse as we were getting changed so probably a good choice of trip to be fair to Dunc!
    Just enough time to get last orders in The Whoop Hall thankfully.


    To be fair we probably could have done Pool/Boundary despite water levels having definitely increased whilst we were underground. We would have been ok exiting Boundary (unless we had a problem on the way out that delayed us) but it would have been a much longer walk (over twice as far) back across a very wet and windy fell.
    Brief dig notes appear in the exploration section.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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