Lancaster to WR, High Level Route, 29/2/20

Lancaster to WR, High Level Route, 29/2/20

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    Cavers: Chris Scaife and X Ritchie

    As it’s still wet everywhere, the world is quite literally not our oyster for now, so I went to Lancaster Hole with Xaaaaandah, while Mike, Chris K and Neil went to Aquamole. Don had been the first to suggest a trip for the 29th of February, but must have decided he had a better chance of being proposed to if he stayed at home, so shat this one out. I mean, sat this one out.

    We had a permit for Lancaster (obviously) but there were two other ropes on the entrance pitch when we arrived. Xaaaaandah opted for austere rigging with a 39m rope for a pitch that needs 55m according to the CNCC guide, but we made it down. We took some photos and videos all along the way, at a relaxed pace, stopping at the Collonades, Fall Pot, Painter’s Palette and the Minarets. I had asked young Xaaaaandah to tell Carol our callout was 9 or 10pm, but he had overruled me and told her 7pm, so we had to run out through Wretched Rabbit, out into the World within 55 minutes of leaving the Minarets. I then quickly dropped down and de-rigged the Lancaster entrance pitch, where yet another rope had appeared, then we went to the Whoop Hall hoping to find Don. But he was nowhere to be seen.


    Video complete: Alex’s video

    Chris’s photos: Chris’s Facebook photos

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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