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Mayday Hole, 27/8/22

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    Cavers: Chris Scaife, Dan Jackson, Don Miller

    This trip was organised, if that’s not too strong a word for a Black Rose caving trip, last weekend at Alex and John’s wedding. So, as the blushing grooms jetted off for their honeymoon in Canada, Dan Jackson made the long drive north to meet two of the best men* in his home and native land – Yaarkshire.

    Using the GPS coordinates, we found the entrance easily – it’s next to the path in a line of shakeholes, so even without such modern ways it should be an easy one to find. I rigged the first pitch, down a short drop to a traverse and on to the second pitch, all on one rope. Dan slipped past me and rigged the next two pitches, starting down a short climb from the foot of the second.

    I returned to the front to rig the fifth pitch, and then Don – who had been waiting in the wings patiently – skipped past us both and led us to the bottom, as it were. Don was packing quite some length, as the rigging guide suggested a total of 72m for the combined final two pitches, but you go down on ledges and things, so it doesn’t really feel like a big pitch.

    Whether it takes its name from a bank holiday or a call for help, Mayday Hole is a modern classic – an enjoyable, dry pothole, with an almost complete lack of horizontal caving. The two D_ns had not done any SRT for months, so were happy as Larry** with the choice of cave.

    *I’m referring to our roles at the wedding, but feel free to interpret this as you see fit.

    **But perhaps not as happy as Alex dancing to Diggy Diggy Hole at his wedding. That could well be the happiest I have ever seen anyone.


    No mention of my mis-threaded stop?! :yahoo:


    You dealt with it so adeptly I had completely forgotten about that.


    Sounds like a good trip, thanks for the mention

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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