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    Heron Pot, 28/3/24
    Cavers: Chris Scaife, Daz_of_late_start

    I don’t know if this even counts as an evening trip — I met Daz in Kingsdale at 8pm and was shocked to learn he still uses his satnav to find the place. With dense cloud cover, the world was so dark that it felt lighter once we were underground.

    We skipped along the winding passage to the high level traverse. I rigged and Daz followed like a pro. Once down, we went as far as the wet crawl that leads to the exit. With high water levels, this seemed like a good place to turn around.

    Daz shot off up the pitch and I barely saw him again until we returned to the world. Just an hour and forty minutes underground in total, but it’s a great evening trip.

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