North Landing Caves, Flamborough

North Landing Caves, Flamborough

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    I was on a family holiday near the Yorkshire Coast and a day trip was planned to Flamborough. Not having researched anything it was more an exploring adventure not knowing what I was going to find.

    Arrived not long after high tide, to be greeted with one large open cave (no length, unfortunately). Paddled in sea, chilled out, headed back up, strolled along cliffs, visited the café before finally returning back to North Landing. About three hours after high tide the Western side of the bay had revealed enough rock to gain access to the inlets and caves on that side, as well as the large natural arch. Most cave were short but some were sizable in width/height etc.

    After that the east side was visited, which is by far the better side. A few short dead end caves then suddenly one with an inviting pool of water.. I had no choice but to roll the Craghoppers up and trample through the knee deep water. Short stroll to a corner then a further short stroll to daylight. Beyond I encountered another smallish opening, strolled in, stepped down and was suddenly greeted by something pretty marvellous and unexpected. I’d entered a very large passage/chamber (according to NC1 this is 78m long, up to 14m wide and 18m high) that sloped gently towards a large entrance at the sea. I paddled as far as I could in the sea before returning. It’s big enough to warrant an actual name: Robin Lyth’s Cave (or Lythes if looking at the YSS2 survey).
    One last cave with a climb up and just enough darkness to use a torch to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and my day of exploring was done.

    Rocky clambering, short and sweet caves, all by the sea with great views, lots of birds (the feathered variety) and a café or ice cream van at the car park, what more could you ask for?

    I have dubious pictures, some without people for scale as I was solo half of the time but a 360 of Robins can be found here:

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