Saturda 18th October – Aquamole Alternative

Saturda 18th October – Aquamole Alternative

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    Just Chris Kelly and I in attendance made for a relatively quick trip.

    Whilst a descent of Aquamole Aven is always nice, the alternative pitches are (for me) by far the best way to the bottom.

    Standard rigging of the entrance pitches before Chris took over at the short pitch before Aquamole Aven, for his first attempt at rigging – all of the time spent watching others rig has certainly paid off

    A minor bit of faff and a short free climb at the head of the big pitch soon had the tail end of the rope (for the ascent to the alternative route) thrown back up to Chris to aid his decent and our return.

    Setting the scaffolding bar for the belay, a start was made rigging, however, a bit of faff ensued whilst we sorted slings to get the right length. Once sorted we were quickly down and onto the last pitch. No issues here and once bottomed and after a quick look at the sump, we began our ascent.

    A straight forward exit saw us back on the surface, quick change and down to the Martin Arms for refreshments.

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