South Wales – Draenen 30/05/2015

South Wales – Draenen 30/05/2015

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    Just a short entry.

    In true Blac-kRose fashion we did not decide until last minute where we were going. So I had only sent off for the permit a week before. But with thanks to Sue (Permit sect), searching around for us key we managed to get into Drenen.

    We only had the description for the short round trip so that’s what we did. At first I tried it off memory from 5 years ago and thought it was left at kern junction so that waisted half an hour, but eventually we got on track and were soon through Indiana highway and into mega-drive. Nothing really difficult just lots of boulder clambering and a few traverses.

    The description was no good for squirrel rifts so we employed the compass on my watch to find our as we knew it was south. Eventually we found the climb down. The rift at the bottom looked impassible to Don and Shaman but I knew otherwise and forged through quickly followed by Don and Shaman. After a bit of stream way the passage took on Yorkshire style passage, some tight-ish rifts and interesting rope climb that opened up at the bottom. After that it got wet in the sewer series (A wet bit I forgot about). After a bit we broke out into the main stream and we thought it would be a nice easy walk in the stream way. All was going fine until we reached the “2nd boulder-choke”.

    We must had spent an hour trying to find our way though, even with the description. For future reference you need to climb high up, through a squeeze and then down slippery near the top.

    Anyway trip done, we wanted some food so went to Mythril Tyrdil. A town without a town centre it seems so no restaurant food for us unless you count the local Chinese takeaway we found.

    None of us could be bothered caving the next day so we went home.

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