Sunday 26th May – Flood to Bar

Sunday 26th May – Flood to Bar

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    Present: Myself, Chris and Carol.
    Weather: Wet

    As it was wet, a sunday and people had caved the previous day a short trip from flood to bar was decided.

    We walked up via the inglebourgh route behind the church and came down to uber main path at Trow Gill (more on that separately)

    Once registered at the wet gaping gill tent off we went down flood.

    Flood is a good trip with a combination of intersting pitches and easy crawls before the 45m big one, this had a nice freehanging rebelay and a tough tight diviation to negotiate, once away south east pot we decided to check the que at Bar, finding no one there we decided to forgo the main chamber and head up and out while it was quite.

    From then on it was a easy exit via Small mammal, someone had been swinging around the bar pitch for a while hence the mammal :good:

    Once back at the car’s after an uneventful walk down the nature trail we said our goodbyes

    Thanks to my wife for the day pass :yahoo:

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