Swinsto hole 08/09/2018

Swinsto hole 08/09/2018

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    With injured ribs and a bad forecast plans for Little Hull pot were abandoned in favour of a quick but fun trip down Swinsto hole. A quick and straightforward trip saw us to the bottom. Chris Kelly free-climbed the Valley entrance pitch, but rope was in-situ anyway. It’s a nice fun trip even if you have done it a 1,000 times already. It’s the real horrible caves I don’t like repeating too often as I feel they are ticked but nice ones I don’t mind as much.

    Once out we saw another team getting ready to go underground, who had set up a tent shelter to get changed in so they did not get wet, seems like a nice plan if it was not for the 10 minutes it takes to set the thing up in the first place, which would get you soaked anyway.

    We retreated to the Marton where we enjoyed a nice long natter, as we had plenty of time to kill.

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