Top sink 16/11/2019

Top sink 16/11/2019

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    Not feeling too well and not wanting to get covered in s**t oweing to where I was staying (no showers), I decided not to do the extreme ways trip on offer. (I did not like it much last time, either)

    We popped up to top Sink for a pull through to come out WR, though none of us were 100% certain we knew the route, but at least the entrance was easy to find.

    The entrance series is more arduous than I remember (last time being when I did the Ease gill through trip!), mainly sideways shimmering or crawling along a wet passage, with big bags of SRT kits and rope. The pitch has in-situ rope for the traverse meaning a pull through descent, is relatively dry.

    Once at the bottom Mike asked if I was happy and with the answer of yes the rope came down. The next section of passage is much nicer and after another pitch (pen-knife) much bigger. We thought we needed to be high, but I think we went too high! At one point we were crossing 2 – 3ft gaps with a stream-way now 40ft below us. At the final gap, being over a meter long I had decided I had enough and this can’t be the route. I persuaded Mike to give me the rope and rigged a pull through off the smallest of spikes! Luckily the in-prontu abseil was short and a boulder slope led back down to the stream. A flat out crawl in the water led us through to Nagasaki and the rest of the trip was your usual bimbal through Easegill, with the many wrong turns that often entails to exit via Wretched rabbit, flood escape route.

    Drinks at the Whoop as Don was not with us and we parted ways. Oh Chris Sharman was there too.

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