Wallowing with the Wizard in his Chasm

Wallowing with the Wizard in his Chasm

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    22nd March 2019
    Mud plodders: Dunc, Rob.

    An evening venture to this all weather gem. We had no plans, just random ideas that will provide future adventures. Recent very wet weather and rain on the evening meant we trended towards a definite wet weather trip. Straightforward walk (albeit wet, windy and chilly), arrived at the entrance, started descending, Rob nearly got taken out by a bat whilst rigging the first pitch. In to the big stuff, very nice formations in places, headed other way, found mud, slippy walls, another pitch, also slippy, rope not long enough to cover the final section which although climbable was also very slippy. Rob went on, I bailed out.
    Back out and followed different route to the end, the YSS rift, much more delightful mud in these lower regions.. Headed out after a good workout and in to a very cloudy windy night.
    Pint in the Boars Head (Long Preston) on the way home.

    Simple rigging guide (SRT) being cobbled together for the library just in case you want to see some fine helictites and formations etc..


    At the bottom of the second pitch, not far ahead there is a left turn into a small chamber. At the top of this is a smallish muddy hole which leads into another chamber. In here is the Blue Room – a very interesting blue calcite formation on 2 walls, worth a look.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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