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BRCC Publications 
Newsletters 1 – 40 : Members can view the current edition here (PDF) on the members page Members Only
An A4 (2 sides) digital newsletter produced a few times a year (not to any schedule, just whenever we have enough to fill it)
BRCC Journal 1 (10th Anniversary) – PDF of front cover and contents. *** Printed version, now sold out ***
Journal covering 10 years(ish) of the club and the limited exploration we have undertaken.
Lower Arch Cave – survey (2003) : survey (2013)
A low grade semi-sketch survey of this cave (our long term dig), one from approx. 2003, the other from 2013 for the journal.
Lower Arch Cave – Survex survey data, Survex 3d file & raw data scan
Survex (svx and 3d files) and raw scan of the basic survey undertaken in 2003, using very basic equipment for the task!
Egg Hole (Digger Dog Hole) – survey
Simple sketch survey of this very short cave that we dug open.
Storrs Common Map – simple area map
Simple map of Storrs Common showing probable connections.
Green Hackeber Cave – area survey
Sketch map of surface around this very short cave.
Newby Moss Pot – simple survey
Sketch survey showing dig site.
Lancaster Hole (Negative Dig) – simple survey (2013)
Sketch based on simple centreline survey.
Lancaster Hole (Negative Dig) – Survex survey data, Survex 3d file & raw data scan
Survex (svx and 3d files) and raw scan of the basic survey undertaken in late 2013, using very basic equipment for the task!
Please note…..
We haven’t bolted these, just what we found underground on a tourist trip, included here to assist others in trip planning away from the bog standard tourist trips.
Starting Handle Hole
A rarely visited hole by the roadside on Leck Fell. Hangers required.
Tatham Wife Hole – 3rd pitch alternative
Alternative route to the third pitch, ramp and duck. Some hangers required.
Snatcher Pot
A fine pot that deserves to be more popular. Hangers required.
Clapham Bottoms Pot
A good trip can be had to Troubled Waters with minimal tackle. Hangers required. ** Please note this was drawn up prior to collapse and subsequent shoring via plastic tube of the entrance, so extra gear might be needed for the entrance**
The inclusion of any rigging guide on this website is intended for the experienced explorer conversant in the appropriate techniques. The usage of the word guide is just that, a guide and to be taken with a pinch of salt. If you are unsure, don’t follow these guides, create your own or, if available, consult the relevant CNCC guide for the cave / pot in question.
These are lighter / less rigging intensive guides and what we consider suitable rigging compared with the extra safety margins included in any CNCC guide. Use at your own risk!
BRPC Publications
BRPC Explorations Journal (PDF)
1976-77 Journal, digitised and publicly available, with kind permission.
Magazines / BCA / BCRA and other publications
Caves & Caving : from issue 29 to 92
Issue 92 was the last produced and was replaced by Speleology
Speleology : All from 1 upto the current issue (19)
This replaced Caves & Caving
Caves and Karst Science (Paper) : Vols 21/1 to 33/3 (3 issues per volume), 35/3
We opted to go for PDFs to make it easier for all members to access the publication (and save on storage space!)
Caves and Karst Science (PDF) : Vol 33/1 to current issue; 41/1 Members Only
Hopefully more issues will be made available in the future
Speleological Abstracts 39, 40
Annual compilation of caving literature
BCA Newsletters 2-17. BCA Handbooks 2004-2014. BCRA Newsletters (misc. from 2003-2013)
Misc. CNCC minutes, one NCA Speleoscene (54). For more details, please enquire.
Various PDF based publications / leaflets
On such topics as weather, weils disease and more..
BCRA Cave Studies Series 11 – Cave Surveying
By Anthony J Day.
BCRA Cave Studies Series 19 – Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Peak District
By Trevor D Ford & John Gunn
Cave Life in Britain
by Lee Knight
Archive material
Numerous scanned files, mostly from old newspaper cuttings that were kindly donated to the Club from Pete Cumpsty (BRPC).
Mostly from the late 60s to late 70s, they provide a glance at cave-related journalism from a different era. Included for reference purposes.
Berger Report (1)
A report on why cavers take risks!
Berger Report (2)
(second part of the above, a photo) (24 August 1964)
Busiest Year
An account of a busy year for the Yorkshire CRO (12 March 1976)
Courage of the Rescuers
Photo of the CRO at Clapham, complete with all rescue gear (18 April 1976)
Deepest Chasm
Article about the discovery of very deep shaft in Greece (18 August 1967)
Cave Diving Risks
Inquest comments about the death of a cave diver (4 June 1971)
Force Crag
Plans to commercially reopen the Lakeland mine (10 May 1967)
Far Waters
14 hour epic discovery in Gaping Gill (27 August 1971)
Hunt for Ten
Search for ten cavers trapped in Langcliffe Pot (19 June 1972)
Rescue not needed
Potholers trapped in Langcliffe didn’t want rescuing (19 June 1972)
Cavers Trespass (1)
Access issues from a trip to Langcliffe Pot
Cavers Trespass (2)
(second part of the above) (23 June 1972)
Langstroth Mystery (1)
Uknown cause of death for three cavers
Langstroth Mystery (2)
(second part of the above, a photo) (7 May 1976)
Langstroth Foul Air
Bad air found to be cause of three deaths (18 June 1976)
Mossdale Rescue (1)
Potholers drown in Mossdale Caverns
Mossdale Rescue (2)
(second part of the above, further article) (26 June 1967)
Mossdale Rescue (1)
Potholers drown in Mossdale Caverns
Mossdale Rescue (2)
(second part of the above, a photo and survey) (27 June 1967)
Mossdale Rescue
Potholers heard forecast (11 July 1967)
Only There For The Beer
Rescue practice where beer was the ‘victim’ (unknown date)
Potholers Luck (1)
Story of caving and a rescue from the 70s
Potholers Luck (2)
(second part of the above) (unknown date)
Rescue Exercise
Story of a rescue practice by the CRO (21 May 1971)
Rescuers in Action
Three rescues in one weekend (19 March 1976)
Secrets of a Million
Discovery of cave in North Wales (18 February 1965)
Teacher in Rescue Row
Criticised over children’s equipment (26 March 1976)
Trapped for 12 hours
Rescue of four people trapped in Easegill (16 March 1979)
Youths Saved
Flooding traps them in Marble Steps (9 January 1972)
More recent clippings and scanned items
Try Caving; NW Evening Mail
Article by a journalist we took to Easegill for Try Caving (23 May 2007)

Other items (Surveys, DVDs, docs, etc)

Eurospeleo rope usage
An estiamated rope length and usage from the 2016 conferance
Surveys, rigging topos etc Members Only
A large collection of surveys, topos and text available to view
DVDs Members Only
A list of all the DVDs we have (over 30..)
Club Documents and permits Members Only
A selection of simple club-documents and other random files and documents