The following outlines the exploration work (excluding foreign expeditions) undertaken by members of the BRCC.

Lancaster Hole
A new dig (started Sept 2013) in the high level series, a quick breakthrough gained about 10m of passage. Since then progress has slowed but the dig face is moving forward.

Refs: Descent 236, p.9.

We dug through looseness (twice) to connect Bridge Hall and the Graveyard. It created a pitch free connection, however it’s likely to have slumped and be blocked, again.

Refs: BRCC Journal 1, p.19.

Rift Pot
Second Hand Streamway. Active joint dig with DR/Mud Miners. A number of locations being looked at: sediment fill passage and a boulder choke (a wet spot!)

Refs: Descent 234, p.13.

Other North (East) Caves
A number of short holes have been dug or looked at during 2013/4 – some notes have appeared in Descent, any references will be added at a later date. More details of caves to appear in the future.
Tripsdale Caves
A series of seven sandstone caves have been recorded in the valley of Tripsdale, North Yorkshire Moors. A return is planned to attempt pushing a couple of caves.

Refs: BRCC Journal 1, p.16. Descent 231, p.10, Descent 232, p.8.

Pointless Pot
On hold dig about 3-4m deep. A return with a smoke test is required to locate the best place to dig.
Green Hackeber Cave
An obvious stream sink near Green Hackeber Hill. The cave resides in Simonstone Limestone, the rising for the water is unknown. The passage is too small to follow, nearby dry holes received brief attention but all ways on proved too small.Short Video on Youtube.

Refs: BRCC Journal 1, p.13.

Newby Moss Pot
A brief dig in an outlet passage off Choke Cavern, needs more work, possibly raking or capping to proceed further. A second dig in a side passage at the other end of the rift brought 2m of progress into continuing passage seen, low.

Refs: BRCC Journal 1, p.14.

Lower Arch Cave
A long term sandy dig, the cave was reopened and extended to 22m in length. No longer being dug due to the complexities of the cave and the assumption it would be a very long dig to Bean Pot.

Refs: BRCC Journal 1, p.8.

Egg Hole (Diggerdog Hole)
A short cave on the common was dug to a metre or two in length, before being left. The rift feature was being sporadically dug in the vain hope of finding an uphill continuation of the cave, this was not found and the dig is abandoned.

Refs: BRCC Journal 1, p.10.

Wood Wizard Cave
A very short cave floored with rocks, briefly dug before being left for other caves on the common. A return was planned but as yet has not happened.
Other (Minor) Sites
Sting Hole – Small hole dropped to sticky mud slope and down in the floor was a too small draughting hole. Total passage was about 6m. Cave lost and location unknown!
Hopping Henry Hole – 2m deep small stream sink, shakehole sides slumped slighty, way on probably too narrow.
Storrs Cave – a couple of minor prods, but no real attempt at digging anything as yet.