29th November 2003 – Brownley Hill Mine photos
Into Nentsberry Haggs – See the trip report! entertaining mine trip with a bit of variety, including an up-pitch.

22nd November 2003 – Alum Pot – Long Churn Cave photos
It was a very busy day in Long Churn, so Pete went down the Main Shaft and Dunc down Diccan using the passage over to Long Churn (although he cocked up and took a dead end which isn’t on the survey or mentioned in the book!) After reaching Dollytubs he met Pete and it was decided due to the numbers that we would both exit Long Churn via the Cheesepress etc..(see pics in gallery)

15th November 2003 – Juniper Gulf
A very wet day the day before provided a fine site at the Juniper entrance! Pete and Dom made it to the top of the big pitch but time and Duncs glassback (and light) were not on our side so we exited into the dark night – a return will be had to this fine pot!

25th October 2003 – OFD 2 (plus a mini rescue) photos

Full Trip Report.
The S.Wales weekend went well, OFD2 to the Crevasse was a pleasant trip, we even had a mini rescue to help look for 3 lost souls and we told the SWCC where their donkey had been sitting and watching them for the past 3months! Full report and pics soon!!

11th October 2003 – Titan – JH exchange photos
Full Trip Report.

11th October 2003 – Caphouse Mine
After getting lost once, we soon found the top of the shaft and parked up nearby (which makes a change) Sarah took one look at it and said “i ant going down there, it’s too deep!” But after a bit of pursuasion she soon took up the challange. shortlly after we met up with another group of mad heads also wanting to take a look down. so we donned our helmets on and off we went. After a bit of a dodgy take off we soon got to the bottom of the shaft passing many other ways on.
We all had a quick look round exploring some of the passages finding old workings and even some machinery a bloody good trip but by eck a long way back out!
Adam Cooper

27th September 2003 – ‘Hard Times’ – Chapel-le-dale
We decided upon a visit to Chapel-le-dale and picked off Old Douk Cave, Great Douk Pot, Pasture Pot, Barghs Cave (which was silted up, with a sheepskull resting in the silt – I’m sure it laughed at us when we had to retreat back up the climb and dogleg), Barghs Pot and Lower Barghs Pot (in which we did a through trip)..

22nd September 2003 – Lancaster Hole
A miserable wet day on the surface we decided to hide in Lancaster Hole, taking in the Graveyard, heading towards Skittle Alley, Fall Pot and looked at the main stream which was pretty wet! Headed out via Slug World into a pleasant evening!

20th September 2003 – BRCC ‘Hard Times’ Caving Marathon
This was the day the marathon started – every northern cave to be attempted.. We started by being unable to find Robinson Crusoe Pot but we’ll try again another day then onto Kail Pot, Rapuznel Pot, Track Cave, Sheepfold Pot, Pilgrim Pot (plus a few very minor dig/scrot holes) and recced The Mohole for a future trip. Theres no turning back now..

13th September 2003 – Low Douk Cave
Pete was finally going caving so we had to think of where to go and Low Douk was quickly decided upon (unusual for us!).. A mixture of small passages with a minor squeeze or two and short pitches add interest on route to the main chamber, from here the meanders are as it says in the Northern Caves! We made our way down to the sump, the mud gave its presence away, before we set about heading back out. A pleasant trip!
Duncan Jones

3rd or 13th September 2003 – New Goyden Pot

Full Trip Report.
The Plan was to enter via New Goyden and try and find the newly opened up mine section.
The first pitch was easily rigged with the added bonus of a fixed deviation this was quickly descended and the second pitch rigged by Martin Martin descended then Adam retied the y hang to try and prevent rope rub.

We then went off to explore the newly broken ground which involved clambering up and over boulders and thro a tightish squeeze which then eventually brought us out to an area of fine sandy banks with an awkward climb up however there is a knotted rope which made it a lot easier. At the top of the climb you take a left which brings you out into a mine passage this continues for about 15 yrds but is choked by boulders. There is definately passage beyond although it is somewhat loose. Also a strong draft could be felt which was very inticing. we had a quick conversation should we move some boulders but we quickly decided lets leave it for the Black Sheep Diggers.

If this mine section continues above the river level and out to the surface it would make a good through trip and a safe exit in bad/ wet weather.
Adam Cooper

30th August 2003 – Long Kin East Pot photos
After some decision making we plumped for LKE, having only been half way down before I was keen to get to the bottom, the fairly dry streamway was followed along the pleasant passages until we reached the big pitch with its vast array of hangers (what is it with that place and hangers?) at the bottom Jan ran off as she was running late leaving me and Rupe to derig, a pleasant trip.
Duncan Jones

27th August 2003 – Goyden Pot
We entered via main entrance down the very dry river passage driest Adams ever seen it, he usually sees it wet! Inspected the sump, back along Labyrinth Passage to five ways along and up the ten foot climb using the ladder (now that’s what I call a ladder, one that is solid and comes from homebase!) explored cap tunnel, and then cap left crawl. Well that at least was what we intended doing!!!!! until Adam decided that we needed to go up the smallest squeeziest tightbit he could find “its this way, there is only a few metres and we are out, if you can do this you can do any cave in Yorkshire”

(If I can get out of this alive I ain’t setting foot in another cave ever more like! I thought)
and the alternative is to give up and go back the way we came all that way………. (Well you know me, don’t like to be beaten or to give up in a hurry… anything anyone else can do I can do better and all that lol) (cough!)

“after you love” he said, such a gent, well I got severely stuck! I couldn’t move my arms or my legs, my lamp fell off, my helmet got stuck so I took it off and pushed it in front of me I was laid there, completely wedged, screaming for a pen and paper, and a tube of ky jelly !

“what for?” he said

“I wanna resign from caving as of right now, call cave rescue!”

I have never ever seen such a small hole, it was like trying to stuff a hippo thro a cat flap!

Anyway, eventually I reverse shuffled out the passage (the rat hole!) banging my hips on the way out and ripping my caving suit… ! The air was blue by this stage, I didn’t want to give up but realised that the bit of the cave that we were trying to negotiate was only suitable for stick insects and people built like Barbie (i.e. not like me and Adam!!!)

Eventually we found the right passage, after Adam had shuffled up the cat flap to see if it really was the right way and decided it wasn’t,(I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT! arghhhh!) we broke through into Pillar Pot passage (which was big enough to fit a full size hippo through I might add ;o) ) and then exited via the Main Entrance.

I guess it was a good trip on the whole, I enjoyed the slides and the crawls and that but next time I don’t want to get stuck thanks!
Sarah Cooper

23/24th August 2003 – Offroading
See the trip report!

16th August 2003 – Bowland Buccaneers
With a week off from caving we headed out to Bowland, after a quick drive through a ford and a stop at the burger van we headed off to the Railway Road. Upon arriving we found the gate locked so in true Black Rose fashion we “opened it” but still leaving it in exactly the same state as we found it. Its odd that they allow motorbikes but not 4x4s!? A lovely cruise over the country was had on a perfectly reasonable hard surface before we headed for home..

9th August 2003 – Heron Pot
After Rose had turned up and disappeared again to beg a Croll we started the unremitting slog upto Brown Hill, upon getting on the fell, with no water and dehydration looking a distinct possibility we opted for a refreshing through trip in Heron Pot, a small amount of water was flowing through and the exit was lovely and cold – totally refreshing!

27th July 2003 – Offroading
Pete had bought himself a Frontera and was eager to get off road, so after a visit to a scrap yard Pete drove over to Cam High Road. An entertaining road with the added benefit of seeing a Landy stuck in a watery pit, well over wheel depth, most amusing! All in all an interesting and different day out.
Duncan Jones

22nd July 2003 – Wharfedale Wandering
The plan was a trip down Langcliffe pot but after a meeting ‘Daz’ with the farmers daughter he refused us access (I wonder why) Anyway just for the record UWFRA have recommended that no one should now enter down this pot! This is also backed up by North Yorkshire Police! So we took a look at the map and decided to do Redmire pot we asked for permission at the farm and we were then informed that we need a permit from CNCC (Not according to Northern Caves) so as time was getting on we hit the road home on the way back we took a look at a old mine up Green-How but the way forward had been filled in so yet again no access was gained
So we all ended back at our house and we finished the night off with a paddle and play about in the river A good end to shite night.
Adam Cooper

19th July 2003 – Cow Pot
Casterton Fell was empty and the clouds looked menacing as we walked to Cow Pot, after a quick brush with the trees the trip was on. The main pitch down into Fall Pot is particularly impressive hanging around in the blackness. From there we climed down to the main stream followed by a wander up and down Wilf Taylors including rearranging the double-bucket rope from srt to climb which is the way it should be! After that we made our way out, just in time to hear a rumble of thunder….

1st-10th July 2003 – Gouffre Berger

Full trip report

Three people made it to the bottom, many others made it to 900m… No major incidents..
Berger Team

10th July 2003 – Church Pot – Goyden Pot
Me, Adam and Benny took another evening trip into the Nidderdale area, to do Zannusi Pot but as it wasn’t p-hangered the ropes were on too many rub points we decided to do Limley Pot instead
Adam set about rigging it only to find that 4ft from the top he got wedged in the rift so I rigged it and decended into Mud Hall, no one followed so I made a retreat then we put the ropes and srt kit away before decending down Church Pot and followed the streamway into the main chamber then out it was a hot caving session that night the underground temp must have been more than 12 degrees.
Martin ‘Dono’ Donaldson

5-9th July 2003 – BRCC “Hard Times” walkabout in South Wales
Dunc, Pete, Shelley and Iain stayed at Penwyllt and did a fair bit of walking along the Pembrokeshire Coast on the Sunday. Monday saw us taking in the Dan Yr Ogof showcaves, including Pete and Duncs “mine through trip!” Tuesday we visited Carreg Cennen Castle, including a visit to its cave! Before looking at a not so wet waterfall (in wet weather it would be impressive!!). Wednesday saw us retreating back to reality.

3rd July 2003 – Manchester to Goyden Pot
Myself, Alfy and Benny had an interesting night in Manchester Hole following the work of the blacksheep into Goyden via there dig making it possible to do a through trip without seeing daylight, alfy took a pannic attack so we made a hasty retreat,before going back in and having some rigging practice from the first window overlooking the main chamber,a return trip is definately on the cards for an exchange trip down Zannusi and Limley pots that both meet in Goyden in Mud Hall.
Martin ‘Dono’ Donaldson

??th June 2003 – Hardrawkin Pot
A nice evening trip was made by Martin, Alfy and Benny into Hardrawkin Pot decending both pitches down to the sump then out with Alfy deriggin (about time!) on the way out..

14th June 2003 – Ireby Fell Cavern photos
A busy day at Ireby with one group in and one right behind us.. We chose to take the Shadow route but Petes choice of rope left us short so a bit of fiddling with the rigging saw us on the way again, we then had a pleasant and uneventful trip down to Duke Street.

6th June 2003 – Valley Entrance
A short evening trip was required so Valley was chosen, we shot of down the Milky Way taking a quick look at the Toyland climb before continuing along the impressive dig to an 11m rift where we turned round and went to the Master Cave. A splash about was had followed by crawling along Philoshophers and then we nipped into the chilly and deep water of the Rowten Canals before exiting.

31st May 2003 – Furness Walkabout
Whilst some went to the Dales for caving others went to Furness and had a pleasant stroll in the sunshine along the beach near Seawood, the kids enjoyed it and got rather dirty in the process! and then we headed inland to take a look at the very large Daylight Hole, which is more overgrown than it was and has more rubbish, which is a shame, but still worth a look!

29th May 2003 – Calf Holes
We finally managed to find the pot after much scrambling over the grassland nearby. Adam rigged whilst I sat debating whether or not I was brave enough to take the plunge and use the ladder provided given my fear of heights!
Adam managed to get me lifelined and out past the narrow bit, onto the ladder. I managed to get down ok tho was very nervous and very glad to reach the bottom
We had a great time down the cave,he taught mea few hints as to how to crawl, climb, use ladders & safely negotiate water when unsure how deep it was.
We could not manage to work out which way was the right way to complete the thro trip so we headed back the way we came and back up the ladder. This seemed easier on the way back up and I was up there in a flash, stunned at how much fun I had had during the short trip down Calf Holes. We had a great time and I can’t wait till we can go again!
Sarah Cooper

22nd May 2003 – New Goyden Pot
After checking the Reservoir Levels we set off to go find New Goyden. Martin pointed out some of the Black Sheep diggers Digs, we then proceeded to the cave and after a short crawl found the top of the first pitch. Martin rigged and Adam and Alfie soon followed. Luckily, we had a spare tackle sack which we used to prevent excessive rope rub between the first hangers and the deviation. Using Adams new rope this proved to be a speedy descent.

The second pitch was again rigged by Martin, with Alfie using it as a training lesson ( because next trip Alfie is rigging) But we haven’t told him yet.

The water levels were around knee deep so we decided to take a look at the sump to which a large log was thrown in and instantly swallowed by the flow of water. We then took the boulder by-pass and took a look at the other side of the sump. All the rest of the cave was looked at and on the way back up the second pitch Martin spotted a formation that looked just like a piece of wood.

We then made our way out and met up with some members from Black Sheep Diggers who invited us on a guided tour of all their new digs and their latest connection. Unfortunately this will have to be done another time as the water was coming over the 5 arches and therefore beginning to flood the cave. Thank goodness we came out when we did.

A very good evening trip was had by all.
Adam Cooper

17th May 2003 – County Pot
After trudging over the fell we soon entered the pot, Neil and Rupert had never been before so we sent them off down the Snake. Dunc went for a tour of Razor passage before we were reunited at Poetic Justice. The main stream was met and followed to Stop Pot with a little wetting, following this we climbed up into Straw Chamber before heading back out and finding Stop Pot even wetter than before. At Eureka Junction we met up with Martin, Darren and Alan and then the party split again, most opting to exit via the Trident area with just three people derigging the 2nd pitch.

15th May 2003 – Long Kin West
After a botched effort of finding the cave thanks to Dunc we then found ourselves just short of rope at the ledge at which point we abandoned the trip!

4th May 2003 – Long Churn Cave – Alum Pot
An introduction to SRT for Benny, a wet and draughty day in the main shaft!

3rd May 2003 – Jockey Hole
After finding the hole and guiding some other party in the direction of Rift we let Rupert rig the hole, talk about minimal rigging.. All safely down we had nothing to do but go back up again, on the way back up a rebelay was put in to speed things up. Nice shaft, shame it doesn’t go anywhere!

30th April 2003 – Dow Cave
After meeting in Kettlewell we made our way to Park Rash and discussed our plan for the evening trip, I decided that we would have a 2 hour trip due to Adam not wearing a wet suit he would be suffering from the cold any longer
than that. We made our way into the cave and followed the streamway to the entrance of Dowbergill Passage, in we went following the rift through waist deep water (there was certainly more than my previous visit}we stopped for a
breif look at the budists temple then we continued up the rope climb which Adam found a pain but achieved it on the 2nd go leaving Alfy alone in a tight rift..ha ha.
We went through the water in the rifts, where it was up to our nostrels we were almost blowing bubbles then we decided to turn back as time was getting on and Adam wouldn’t have got through the second tight part, on the
return the water was definitely rising which quickened the pace of the novices considerably, I done a duck of approx 6-8 ft with Adam on the opposite side to see me out(nice one mate)it was seriously murky under
there, we made our way out and back to the vehicles all freezing our nuts off, we definitely had a good evening trip.
Martin Donanldson

26th April 2003 – A scenic tour
Having a day off from caving but Ged and Dunc (just like digging last year!) ended up in Bernies, followed by a drive to Dentdale (whereupon it started chucking it down) and returning via Kingsdale..

19th April 2003 – Swinsto Hole – pull thru photos
After a lot of faffing sat in Bernies trying to decide where to go we finally decided on Swinsto, which turned out to be a pleasant, quick, dry through trip! Water levels were very low after about a month without rain. It was the first visit we had done to the Great Aven since it collapsed a while back, a few comments like “don’t remember those rocks being there last time” and we headed through to a dry Kingsdale Master Cave and popped out into the sun with plenty of time for yet another brew in Bernies!

17th April 2003 – Smeltmill Beck Cave
Yet another evening trip and another classic! A dry (as in not much water flowing but the canals were still very wet!!) stream was followed to the main junction before paying a quick visit to Keyhole Passage and then heading out and home..

14th April 2003 – Goyden Pot
A short evening trip was required by Adam and Martin so we decided to visit Goyden Pot. The cave was about the driest I have ever seen it. We entered through the main entrance and took a look in the main chamber then had a good look around in Mud Hall into Five Ways up the ten foot climb, the decision was made as time was on our side to negotiate Cap Tunnel and Cap Left Crawl. We then took a left and eventually broke into River Passage and made our exit out through Church Pot.
It would now seem as it is possible to descend Church Pot via the rift which has had recent digging, although a very quick search on the surface proved unfruitful, but Daylight could be seen from underground. Allen and two friends were also present.
Adam Cooper

12th April 2003 – Marble Steps Pot photos
After only one previous visit only making it to the top of Stink Pot I was keen to go further, with a long dry spell and much time spent arguing where to go it as finally decided! A warm walk up followed by a nice pleasant, dry trip to the sump, via the Gully and Ninety which happens to be a fine shaft. An eventless but fun trip.
Duncan Jones

29th March 2003 – Black Shiver Pot and Reunion
Six of us set off and despite an attempt of sabotage from two people who claimed the hole we were sat at was not Black Shiver, which after some careful map work we worked out it was, we finally got underground at 3.30, which was after the two saboteurs abandoned us saying it was now too late to go caving, bloody charming! Due to wanting to pop in on an old friends reunion dinner the four of us decided to go as far as the top of the big pitch. This was done reasonably easy,
especially now some dodgy spits have been replaced with p-hangers! The exit proved easy for all apart from Adam who struggled at the first pitch and did some damage to his ribs trying to squeeze through the gap! After that we headed for the chippy then the Marton where we chatted and were told stories of the old days, this provided amusement trying to watch Adam not laugh as it hurt him when he did!
We welcomed a further two old Black Rose to the new and once again had a good evening with the old ‘uns! Thanks to you all :-)
Check out Petes write up..
Duncan Jones

22nd March 2003 – Meregill Hole
A classic trip, some entered via the Aven entrance others by the Mere, yes it was down! Read the full report.

19th March 2003 – Ashberry Windypit 1 & 2

Full trip report.

16th March 2003 – South Wales – Agen Allwedd
A very pleasant stroll was had to Aggy, almost to good to go underground! The cool draught drew us in… Some classic caving was had and at Northwest Junction Martin and Alan left us to exit on their own as they wanted to be away early, a very wise choice.. A somewhat slippy Main Stream was followed for considerable distance before reaching chokes 3 and 4, some confusion was had but was quickly sorted out before yet more confusion led to a lot of wasted time
at Biza Passage, at one point Pete shot off down a grovel to emerge in a chamber with the words ‘Where am I’ scrawled on the walls, much to everyone elses amusement! Further streamway led us to the High Traverse which Pete tried but failed on his own, the rest of us opted for the stream route. We eventually reunited at Main Passage before making our way out into the night..

15th March 2003 – South Wales – Ogof Draenen
The pleasant entrance passage was quickly passed to a junction whereupon Dunc took everyone via the longer rift route, bouldery stomping led us past Tea Junction and on towards Lamb and Fox, Ruperts light was playing up so Simon accompanied him to the surface (probably trying to aim for the other Lamb and Fox!!) the rest of the team carried on as far as the end Megadrive before calling it a day, opting for the easier stream route on the way out!

1st March 2003 – Hard Level – Old Gang Mines
With Pete, Dunc and Shelley turning up late as usual the trip finally started, a pleasant walk to the mine, Shelley went off walking on her own and Pete, Dunc, Adam, Simon, Martin, Daz, Alan headed into the occasionally wet Hard Level. Numerous side passages were looked at, bits of waist deep water, a few collapses before time and energy started to drift away.. So we finally took the long trudge out and into the rain!

22nd February 2003 – Out Sleets Beck Pot

Full trip report.
With water levels low due to a lack of rain over recent weeks, this was an ideal opportunity. Dunc, Pete and Adam got changed in the cold and headed down to the Pot. The trip went fine until the deep water was reached, icy cold water from the melting ice on the ground was just too cold for anyones liking so we retreated. All in all a classic little pot!

15th February 2003 – Lost Johns Cave – Boxhead Pot, that wasn’t
After sorting out ropes on Leck, Dunc and Simon went down Lost Johns and a while after Pete, Rupert and Jan would go down Boxhead. After bottoming Lost Johns Dunc and Simon went to Lyle Cavern and Lost Pot inlet then back to Groundsheet Junction for a sit down then back to Lyle Caverns before getting cold and bored and deciding to head back out of Lost Johns. The other team had gone the long way through Boxhead but missed meeting up and retreated to emerge a few hours after Simon and Dunc had emerged into a very cold clear night.

8th February 2003 – Jingling Pot and Bull Pot
Two trips for the price of one! Adam, Martin, Darren, Simon and Rupert went to Jingling Pot descending using the Lateral Cleft route and bottomed it going right down to the dig, this was followed by a trip to Bull Pot where Martin and Darren went down the last pitch whilst the rest headed out.

7th February 2003 – Storrs Walkabout
Ged, Adam and Pete C waited for Dunc to eventually turn up, a visit to Storrs Common was had whereupon we set about attacking a surface hole with no result. A look was then had in Beezley Quarry Cave where Ged enlarged the entrance enough for him to get through, after this a quick nosey was had at Wild Rose Cave where some loose rocks were removed before finally retiring for the day.

1st February 2003 – Sell Gill Holes
Martin, Alum and Adam turned up with Pete C (with badges- see news) to find Sell Gill busy as ever. Pete D, Dunc, Simon, Rupert arrived just as the others were starting to rig the wet route. Pete was the only one to do the exchange..

25th January 2003 – Yordas Cave
A very wet trip was had by Martin, Alan and Adam…

24th January 2003 – Bar Pot – Gaping Gill photos
A descent of Bar Pot went smoothly, a quick visit was made to the very muddy SE Rift before marching onward to the Main Chamber which was as draughty as ever. A detour was then made to a little know part of GG where some superb formations are, see gallery. After this a straightforward exit was made..with Adam and Dunc spotting a bat circling near the Greasy Slab.

18th January 2003 – Skirwith Cave photos
Dunc, Pete, Adam, Ged, Pete C met in Bernies and discussed caving trips, after some time a visit to Storrs was planned but once up there this then changed to Skirwth Cave. Pete C went for a stroll on the surface whilst the others went underground and took photos (long time since Ged had been on a caving trip!),Ged got as far as the choke before slowly heading back out examining every helactite and found a bat in the process, but it had gone by the time everyone else returned! Adam was the only person to climb the waterfall but turned round at a nasty looking collapse.

12th January 2003 – Peak Cavern
The plan was to do JH and Peak Cavern but rather limited numbers (4 people!) the trip was changed to a tourist trek round Peak. The streamway was quickly met and a visit to the downstream sump was made before starting the long walk to Far Sump, which appears rather suddenly!
After that a detour to Ink Passage was had, where Ken took to the freedive and everyone else opted for the dry bypass, Dunc then asked Ken to go back to the freedive a few times for photo opportunities! Quick visits were then made to Main Stream Inlet and Pickerings Passage before making our way out.

11th January 2003 – Marble Steps Pot photos

Full Trip Report.
Pete and Adam went down Marble Steps and had a fine trip with Adam catching a brief glimpse of old Henry, Dunc took a few photos at the entrance then went walkabout on the surface before retiring to Bernies.

4th January 2003 – Alum Pot photos
Martin, Alan and Adam arrived at the lane and had a play in Long Churn, eventually after some tyre trouble Pete and Dunc arrived with rope for the Main Shaft. Martin went down, Alan hung around, Adam shouted, Pete and Dunc walked backward and forward. Check out Adams report and some pics.