14th December 2005 – Bull Pot of the Witches (and TRT) photos
A pleasant midweek excursion, taking in Gour Chamber, Burnetts Great Cavern and Long Gallery, we took the option of free climbing the two pitches rather than having to drag tackle around..
And the TRT – Toad Rescue Team – found in the upstream section of cave, returned to the surface in an operation involving two rescuers and approx 10minutes!


26th/27th November 2005 – 7Stanes, Kirroughtree and Ae mountain biking
A chill was in the air and we experienced it with camping.. Saturday saw us doing part of the red route and all of the black route (which only small parts warranted the black) – a reasonable ride but more
pedally than others we have tried.

Sunday we returned to Ae to do the classic red route – things went smoothly until we realised ice was abound – some technical riding and pushing in parts was called for! It was considerably muddier than last time,
probably best done when its dry..

19th November 2005 – Rumbling Hole photos
A classic srt trip, cold on the surface, very dry underground – Rumbling Hole was not Rumbling!! Hardly saw a drop of water on our descent to the bottom, which went smoothly and without problem.

12th November 2005 – Peterson Pot to Mistral
Full Report with pics.
After some information on the route finding we eventually decided to give this a go. First two pitches (/climb) passed easily and then Roly Poly passage started, the first tube section was fun, the following roof tube crawl (keyhole shaped passage) was less fun,
more purgatory.. Neither myself or Rob had any desire to go back this way, finding the connection was a must. At the end the entertaining skydive got us back to more spacious surroundings, from here we worked our way to Svengland, a brief moment of uncertainty ensued when we saw a pitch we werent expecting,
but at the bottom of that we saw the pitch into Hall of the Mountain King and with it – a quick exit via known territory!

10th November 2005 – Jingling Pot
A pleasant midweek trip to this pot. Rigging practice started the day at the entrance, a handy place for a spot of practice. A straightforward descent and ascent of the Lateral Cleft route then followed.

15/16th October 2005 – South Wales – OFD photos
Arriving on Friday we found ourselves in the company of students, who were starting to organise some caving games! After the merryment of the night we were up and raring to go on the Saturday (well, kind of!) for
the OFD through trip (Top to Cwm Dwr) – water levels were reasonable and the trip went without problem – apart from maybe a few grumbles about some apparently tight bit in Cwm Dwr from one or two people…

1st October 2005 – Lancaster Hole photos
Very wet underground, so the high level was made use of, a visit to the start of Stake Pot series, with other visits to Colonnades, Graveyard and Slug World.

24/25th September 2005 – 7Stanes Mountain Biking weekend
Camping at Lochmaben. Saturday we went to Ae forest and tried out the “Ae Line” – a classic blast through the forest and the best bit is saved till last- “Omega Man” – quality mountain-biking.
Sunday we nipped over to Dalbeattie and did the Hardrock Trail, a more rocky blast through the forest!

10th September 2005 – County Pot to Wretched Rabbit Entrance
Another novice trip, this time taking in Razor Passage to Platypus Junction and back up Spout Hall and into the Trident area before following the standard route the rest of the way.

20th August 2005 – Bull Pot photos
It was a warm walk (slog?) up the hill to the entrance, once at the pot we realised it would be very dry down there, and we were proved right! A pleasant exercise in rigging was had before time forced a retreat before we did the fifth pitch.

6th August 2005 – New Goyden Pot & Church Pot/Goyden photos
A pleasant stroll down the riverbed past numerable entrances into Goyden and two digs we arrived at New Goyden Pot. Two nice pitches landed us in the impressive main river passage.
A visit to Hardy Pools Passage, Dry Wath Inlet and The Planterium were had before making our exit and nipping down Church Pot and exiting via the Main Entrance of Goyden!

30th July 2005 – Giants Hole
A damp but not overly wet round trip in this Peak classic for six people. A minor detour at Maggins Rift was had exploring a large upward trending impressive looking passage.

9th July 2005 – County Pot to Wretched Rabbit Entrance photos
A very warm day on the surface… Thankfully arrived at County Pot and had a pleasant trip down there, very little water about, took the route towards Trident/White Line to avoid needing a second ladder. At stop Pot we ascended the ladder into the high level stuff with a pleasant stroll along
Mainline Passage before returning to Stop Pot and making our way out of the twisting Rabbit! Rob very kindly volunteered to retrieve the ladder from the first pitch of County at the end.

25th June 2005 – Gisburn Forest – Mountain Biking
A two day visit, the first day being an introduction to Gisburn Forest with a bit of downhill action, the second day (25th) was a bigger day out involving more singletrack exlporing!

16th June 2005 – Beacon Fell – Mountain Biking
The BRCCs first trip (Black Rose Cycling Club!!) to Beacon Fell, plenty of ups downs and good old fashioned mtb fun!

11th June 2005 – Aygill Caverns
A pleasant trip into Aygill, the only downside a 10ft fall due to a dodgy hand-hold! A return may well be made soon..

28th May 2005 – Corkys Pot to Stream Passage Pot photos
Making use of the Bradfords in-situ ropes and ladders, Pete and Rob had an early start doing Flood to Bar then joined by Dunc and we all descended Corkys Pot – with its very fine final pitch into Mud Hall! From here we went via the busy Main Chamber and Sand Caverns before exiting via Stream Passage Pot.

21st May 2005 – Long Churn Cave photos
A short but pleasant novice trip, entered via Diccan, over to Long Churn then took in Dollytubs pitch, followed by the Cheesepress and out.

14th May 2005 – Black Shiver Pot
One of the fine big Dales Pots.. Bottomed by six people, not too wet either.. Good day of SRT!

7th-12th May 2005 – Scotland – Assynt
Camping at Achmelvich for 5nights at a fine site we ventured out and.. reached the top of Stac Pollaidh (some nice scrambling to be had), took in a coastal walk to see the Old Man of Stoer, drove along the ‘mad little road of Sutherland’ and a fine coastal road.
Falls of Kirkaig were visited and the Allt Nan Uamh bone caves and the Traligill valley with a peek at some of the cave entrances was had.. Cooler than expected for May, few hefty showers (one reason for no proper caving!)- all in all a fine holiday.
Also visited Corrieshalloch Gorge and Falls of Measach but the bridge and viewing points were closed for safety reasons, not that it stopped Dunc climbing over the fences and having a look!


30th April 2005 – Rowten Pot
Classic SRT trip! Dry conditions.

23rd March 2005 – Calf Holes and Browgill Cave photos
A re-introduction trip for Rob.. Straightforward through trip and back again, climbed the waterfall in Browgill instead of the usual staircase. Saw a bunch of kids from Newcastle being taken caving, took their picture, looked like they were enjoying themselves!

22nd March 2005 – Eglwys Faen photos
Opting for the easy main entrance we followed this through to the low bit and beyond to a wet climb down – which went nowhere! We then ascended a ladder into the upper series and had a potter about in The Warren – apt name!
Eventually reaching the extensive Old Hereford Dig we retreated back to bigger things and took an alternative passage past the Aven Entrance. After this Dunc
took a quick detour into Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion – but failed to reach the decorated chamber!! (next time it will be reached!)

21st March 2005 – Agen Allwedd – Outer Circle photos
A pleasant trip to Northwest Junction followed by easy going passage to Turkey Junction.. Turkey streamway led us onwards, the Turkey Pool was traversed by Dunc with Pete following, although Dunc managed to do a comedy act right at the end and end up waist deep in the water! More easy going (and still impressive as ever) passage
followed before we took a detour to see the Swiss Village. From here we had two moments of uncertainty in Midsummer Passage – finding the way through the choke and the squeeze into Coal Cellar Passage – after the
monotony of Coal Cellar we finally emerged back at Turkey Junction and easy going all the way out. A classic trip!

19th March 2005 – Scoska Cave photos
A surprising entrance with a pleasant passage leading into the hill.. After a while this lowers to a crawl, followed by further crawling with a distant enticing rumble from the stream and the end of the cave – this duly visited we headed out into a very warm afternoon!

19th February 2005 – The Mohole photos
A cold day! Ventured into The Mohole – went as far as big pitch on an a short recce trip (in-situ ropes no longer clogging the place up thankfully) – will return very soon to bottom it!

22nd January 2005 – Cherry Tree Hole photos
A cold day but that didn’t stop us having a go at this classic, despite some muppet driver attempting to do so (clever chunks car craft saved the day!) A good trip to the downstream portion of the cave, which is in places, impressive. Made use of the Cravens recent new entrance to bypass the somewhat dodgy old one!

15th January 2005 – Washfold Pot
Five people on the trip and only one bag dropped – who dropped it down the big pitch then?? Beryls bag bungling bouncing bureau at your service! :) Trip abandoned at that point (particularly so by jolly jumping Jan), so, once again the bottom of this pot eluded us, but a return will be made! Again!