31st December 2006 – MTB – Coed Llandegla
One final bash to finish the year off, a windy day (not that you notice it much in the forest!) and some fine biking, doing the red route and the entertaining black sections. Very busy although we didn’t really see that many people out on the trail. Dunc only just managed to get a hire bike – ahh, the luxury of no cleaning and maintaining!

16th December 2006 – Jingling Hole
Another chilly day and decisions to be made after yet another wet week! We opted for Jingling, with Rob doing the lateral cleft route and Dunc the other side route (does it have a name?) – Rob got to the bottom fine, Dunc found lots of rope rub and after much fiddling found a deviation which eliminated most but not all of it!

After our short jolly in there we headed to Rowten to do the entrance and big pitch before calling it a day and heading for home, via the pub of course.

9th December 2006 – County Pot (The alternative way! Trident & Depot passages)
Full trip report Another chilly day and this time a well known pot via a very different route, taking in parts of Trident and exiting via Depot 1.5 and eventually Wretched Rabbit!

2nd December 2006 – Lancaster Hole photos
Full trip report Chilly on the surface and reasonably quiet in Easegill (only the odd trip or two taking place!!) Straightforward descent and then we trundled off to check out the Chasm Pitch which makes a nice alternative to the usual Fall Pot route, from here we nipped upstream to Stake Pot (quite sporting!) and then headed back, taking in the Colonnades on the way out.

16th November 2006 – Giants Grave Caves & Lockey Cave
After a damp week we opted for some caving where it would be wet! We entered the moist Giants Grave Caves and undertook a through-trip, Dunc managing a nice stal-stab enroute, the water was pleasantly freezing. After emerging we had a look in the too wet Unclaimed Cave, followed by the also too wet Lockey Gill Cave (on exiting Rob managed to tear his Meander suit, why does the worst always happen on small easy caves?) before clambering up Lockey Gill to do Lockey Cave. Once that was done it was going dark and we were fairly cold so called it a day and headed for a pub in Settle with a real fire.

11th & 12th November 2006 – Peak Weekend (P8 and Peak Cavern)
We all ambled our way to Hope to check in at our b&b before making for Perryfoot. The number of cars should have give us a clue but nothing prepared us for how busy P8 actually was, I think free money was available at the bottom so everyone was in there. After a slow trip, rigging the higher level pitches/traverses which avoided the worst of the crowds we turned back at Mud Hall to ensure we got a free run out – and that we did!

Exiting the cave we found the weather had turned ‘inclement’ – rain lashing into us all the way back!

After getting refreshed at our b&b we trundled out to the pubs and had a meal and a drink or two…
Sunday dawned nice, we arrived at TSG hut and to our horror it was packed, noo, not a P8 day again, thankfully Peak is big enough to allow groups to disperse so it was never going to be a problem.
We went to the downstream sump and then the upstream one, we then took a detour to Moss Chamber which despite being known for a certain event many years ago is very nicely decorated, bit of a pig to get to but worth it.

21st October 2006 – Lost Johns Cave (Monastery route)
With assurances that the weather hadn’t been too bad over recent days we set off to Leck Fell, quickly kitted up and got underground. After a moment of confusion we realised we needed to traverse to reach the first small pitch, once done we rigged a traverse (which seems pointless as you traverse higher without protection on old/new roof traverses!)

We got very spray-lashed at the bottom of the Monastery pitch so quickly fled the ‘usual Leck Fell conditions’ and headed for the remaining pitches. We used common sense on the very last bit of the last pitch as there was large volumes of water and we would be going straight through it (not bad going down, but coming back up would have been ‘interesting’)

14th October 2006 – Tatham Wife Hole (aka Tatty Wife)
A mid-afternoon start and a long slog later (seemed too warm for October!) we finally got underground. A straightforward trip to the sump and back with no problems, we emerged into the dark but thankfully it was clear and not foggy!

7th October 2006 – Aquamole Pot
After a wet week, with Kingsdale beck in flow and barely any other cavers in sight (perhaps two vehicles at Valley area) we picked a good pot on a good day. Straightforward descent and ascent, with the last pitch being the highlight as usual.

28th September 2006 – Link Pot photos
As part of exploring the Easegill system (to aid with future through trips) we headed down Link. Once down we aimed for Echo Aven, which is a fine shaft, at the bottom we took in Wormway, Sausage Junction and made it to the 88ft Pitch. Satisfied with our increased knowledge we headed out.

23rd and 24th September – Hidden Earth
Two days of caving related interest in Leek. I took in (aswell as trade hall) – Opening and closing ceremonies. Northern, Forest and Mendip roundups. Waterways talk. Nidderdale talk. CRO history and activities. Mike Wooding, Sleets Gill and Neil Moss films. Digital camera and photoshop talks. Hard as Nails talk.

An enjoyable two days, many thanks to all that organised and undertook lectures.


22nd August 2006 – Eldon Hole photos
With Eldon having a number of routes we opted to do an exchange despite there being only two of us, Rob opted for the North Gully and Dunc the East Wall, both were rigged with only slight faff from both riggers!

At the bottom we descended the scrotty crawl into the impressively sized Main Chamber, before retreating up each others route and onwards to the pub.

19th August 2006 – County Pot and Wretched Rabbit (Spiral Staircase)
Our planned trip to Magnetometer had to be cancelled due to dodgy weather so we opted for a trip in County. Once in we headed for Ignorance is Bliss, to allow us access to the main stream with the minimum of tackle. There was plenty of foam on the roof at Eureka Junction and a reasonable stream flowing, we headed upstream to the choke and Rob and Dom looked at the wet route whilst Dunc went to find the bedding plane route – having found and followed he returned to see that everyone had buggered off back to Eureka!

From here we went back via White Line Chamber and thus out, but as it as still early we decided to nip into Wretched Rabbit and drop down Spiral Staircase Passage all the way to Holbeck Junction before heading out. Once out we stuck our heads in New Cave and decided we had seen enough.

12th August 2006 – Old Ing Cave, Dismal Hill Cave, Birkwith Cave, Browgill Cave photos
A novice trip taking in a few short but sweet classics! Old Ing to the sump and back, then Dismal Hill visiting both ends of main stream and after Rob spotting daylight we exited via a free climb up ‘new’ entrance shaft. We then headed to Birkwith for a short jolly and finally finished off the day in Browgill Cave.

2nd August 2006 – Rowter Hole
Descended down entrance shaft although rigging topo figures seemed wrong when our 37m rope was 1m off the floor!? Looked in Upper Chamber, down second pitch, Rob had very quick look at Hyperthermia, then we dropped down to West Chamber doing a pointless rope climb before heading out.

29th July 2006 – Notts 2 photos
The three of us descended the excavated entrance finding lots more ladders than there used to be, at the bottom we bared right along a muddy crawl which eventually passed a fine formation before more crawling (some flat out) dumped us at the main stream. We headed upstream to the sump, including a bit of swimming, then worked our way back downstream taking in Inlet 5 with its fine straws, Curry Inlet with its fine formations and very muddy dig, then on down to Sump2, where we headed back to Inlet 13 and thus out, into the rain (Leck Fell never fails us!!)

25th July 2006 – November Hole & others
Full trip report A hot day with some cool caving in November Hole, Borrins Moor, Upper Borrins Moor, Long Churn.

8th July 2006 – Rowten Pot (and Rowten and Jingling Caves)
Full trip report We had a quick jolly through Rowten Caves followed by an up and down of Jingling Cave before turning our attention to Rowten Pot for a pleasant SRT trip.

1st and 2nd July 2006 – Glentress weekend
Sat: Arrived after long drive and set off on the black-grade V-Trail, which is a good trail, plenty of technical bits! We didn’t do it in a fast time but as a wise man once said its not about speed its about style, not that we had any of that either!!

Afterwards we utilised the showers and cafe before we played around in the freeride section with its jumps, berms, walls and logs.

Sun: Got up early to the sound of thunder, set off about 6.30 to avoid the heat of the day to do the red-grade route, which is a quality route, particularly the fast and smooth ‘Spooky wood’ descent. Gaining height onto open ground with thunder rattling nearby proved interesting and the rain was pleasantly refreshing.

1st July – Selside
Full Trip Report.

22nd June 2006 – Hillocks Mine photos
A short stroll from the village and we were in through the oil drum, this leads quickly to a nice coffin level and suddenly a drop down the first pitch, which is a fine small shaft!The scrappy and climbable second pitch was descended and at the bottom we wandered around looking at various passages before heading out.

17th June 2006 – Mongo Gill Hole photos
Full trip report Another hot slog over to the cave, in and out via North Shaft.

10th June 2006 – Crystal Cave and Dog Hole photos
Full trip report A hot day with a couple of small gems.

27th May 2006 – Stream Passage Pot – Flood Entrance Pot (Wades) photos
Making use of the in-situ ropes we descended Stream and a the bottom had a nosey up the muddy delights of North West Passage, before heading to Main Chamber. We didn’t meet up with the Bar Pot boys so headed out via Flood Entrance.

20th May 2006 – Quaking Pot
Full trip report A rather wet day and only a very short trip!

6th May 2006 – Hardrawkin Pot photos
With a warm sunny day for the walk it was nice to get into the cool of the cave, some finding it cooler than others due to sudden water bursts! Arriving at the first pitch we found another group on way up so whilst waiting took a few snaps, eventually the pitch was clear and a straightforward down and up was had. On the way out High Douk was looked at with enthusiasm, by the only person in the group to not have previously done it..

29th April 2006 – Lancaster Hole
An interesting potter around the ‘near series of Lancy’ was had, wandering via Fall Pot, taking in the (maybe not-so-oft-visited?? Saturday Afternoon Series) along Montague West and then down Wilf Taylors to the Main Stream.
After a nosey at the sump the route up through the Fall Pot boulders and up the ‘pleasant’ muddy climb was taken, followed by a quick detour to the Colonnades and then the exit.

22nd April 2006 – County Pot to Wretched Rabbit photos
After the first pitch we broke off through into the Trident/White Line route to get to Eureka Junction, from here we headed upstream and found our way into Gypsum Caverns and after a few snaps onwards to Easter Grotto with more photo opportunities. Climbing down into the Assembly hall we strolled back downstream (with only one minor route finding problem) to Stop Pot before exiting Wretched Rabbit.

5th April 2006 – Turbary Pot photos
Full trip report A midweek-mini-classic, bottom of first pitch and second pitch were wet, the anchor placement on the first pitch is dubious to say the least!

1st April 2006 – Small Mammal Pot / Bar Pot photos
Full trip report Rain poured down on the drive to the Dales, but stopped to allow us a sunny walk up the track, only to throw hailstones at us just before we got in the pot! Once inside we found it muddy in places, bit involved going compared with the normal Bar Pot route but its an esoteric and more challenging way of getting to the trade route.
When we reached the big pitch we opted to save a slither of time by descending this rather than going for the SE-Aven route, from there we headed to GG Main Chamber, which was quite wet and draughty!

22nd March 2006 – MTB – Cwm Carn
An entertaining ride with a classic downhill section!

20th March 2006 – Ogof Daren Cilau photos
A pleasant stroll through the entrance, whereupon two turned back and Dunc and Rob continued onwards to the pitch into Higher Things and then the rope climbs back down into White Passage.
From here good going was had in the impressive passage to the Time Machine – we followed this to its end, following the cats eyes and other reflective bits that seem to have appeared in this passage…?
We then headed out, without problem, making quick progress in the entrance passage until Sarah got in the way, Rob acted swiftly to boot her along and make an exit!

11th March 2006 – Lancaster Hole photos
Another chilly day, with a hint of snow in the air, Rob rigged it using a different route again! We then went down to the streamway for a pleasant stroll to Stake Pot, from here we explored some side passages before head to Cannuck Climb. We pottered around and got to Brew Chamber before we headed out, time and Robs hangover not being on our side!

4th March 2006 – Sunset Hole photos
We parked up and made our (long) and snowy way upto Sunset, with plenty of fine winter views to take in.. Sunset was reasonably dry and a simple descent was made to the final chamber with a quick look in the dig at the bottom before we headed out into the slightly thawed but still snowy fell.

25th February 2006 – Marble Steps Pot
A quiet and cold day at Masongill! We opted for a pleasant “Entrance exchange”, one team of three rigging the Gully and a team of two rigging Wet/Sidewinder route. At the bottom before we swapped over routes a quick nosey was had up a fixed rope by Pete and Dom and apparently it was really nice up there.. Pete was spotted carrying TWO bags up the lane, we suspect an as yet undiagnosed illness!!

18th February 2006 – MTB – Marin Trail
A cool but generally sunny day for a spin around the Marin Trail, some interesting rocky sections mixed with fine views made for a good day out.

11th February 2006 – Ribblehead potterings photos
We parked up by Conduit Spring, with a hint of snow in the air, headed over to Middle Scar to find number 1 hole choked and the cave entrance still slumped. Pleasant (if chilly) wander led us to Cuddy Gill Pots and Cave, after that we nipped in Scar Top Cave and had a crawl or two around in there before finishing off with a quick trip in Thistle Cave.

28th January 2006 – Crescent Pot photos
After stumbling around on the surface for ages we eventually found it (perhaps reading the description of where it was might have helped!!), we then descended the first three pitches before Rob scuttled off to look along the flat out crawl and passages that followed, which were not that bad apparently. As a result of this recce a return may well be made..

21st January 2006 – Alum Pot and Long Churn Cave
A pleasant, if a little damp SRT trip via Dollytubs. The bottom of Alum Pot main shaft and the point where the Diccan waterfall enters were notably wet, draughty and very cold! The cave was also quiet.. Very strange for Alum/Long Churn on a Saturday noon!!

9th January 2006 – (New) Rift Pot
A joint trip with DDU, we agreed to meet at Bernies, only to our horror to find no food being served! So we nipped next door to Inglesport and grabbed a take-away bun. A pleasant and straightforward trip to admire the big passage and pretties at the bottom with only a few grumblings about the size of the entrance passages!
Afterwards we aimed for the Marton Arms, only to our horror it was shut, so we headed for the Wheatsheaf instead..

7th January 2006 – Smallcleugh Mine, Nenthead photos
A chilly day with snow lying in the Nenthead area, we quickly kitted up and was soon up the path and in the mine! We took in the Incline Flats, whereupon we descended a respectable looking shaft.
The passages at the bottom were explored to the bitter ends!!! After that excitement we wandered over to Wheel Flats and the Ballroom Flat (where we signed into the book). A detour via Hydraulic shaft was had before taking the more involved route back to the surface, where it had warmed up, slightly.