29th December 2007 – Cherry Tree Hole
Full trip report. Chris and I seemed to be the only ones brave enough to head for the dales this weekend after much muttering and communication on the forum. After the unfortunate deaths of 2 cavers on Thursday, everybody was questioning our decision, not least the lady at Darnbrook House. So we headed up to the hole, walking straight to it (it’s a doddle to find!), and set about rigging the entrance pitch for SRT. We then headed to the downstream sump and down the 2nd pitch (the first BRCC members to reach the said sump) and after a brief call of nature on the moor
for myself, we made our way upstream, only to be stopped in our tracks by a ferocious cascade (Dunc had pre-warned me). Water levels were obviously much higher than normal, but not bad enough to deter a good trip to this cave.

15th December 2007 – Juniper Gulf
On a beautiful winter’s morning, Chris and I set off for Juniper Gulf on the Allotment with 4 tackle sacks of rope and gear (the rigging topo suggests you need lots and lots of rope). This cave has some beautiful pitches, the last being very deep (55 metres), but also has some really faffy traverses, which would be much easier when not dragging all that tackle. Upon reaching what turned out to be the last pitch, we realised we had 66 metres of spare rope (36 & 30) so, slightly baffled, we quickly rigged the last (with the new Spel Gold 60m), flew down, had a look at the sump and then headed out. With approx 2 hours to the bottom and 1 hour to get out again, this is really quite a quick trip. It will be made easier when an up to date rigging topo is drawn up. A fine afternoon’s caving was had all the same.

8th December 2007 – Jean Pot
Full trip report. Met in Bernie’s at 10am, got 2 new tackle bags, arrived at South House Farm to be greeted with horizontal snow! A pleasant walk to the cave and no problems had in the cave, then walk back to car in the dark with horizontal rain and a strong wind.

1st December 2007 – Bar Pot
Full trip report. A long walk followed by a trip into Bar Pot, taking in Gaping Gill Main Chamber – which was impressive after all the rainfall we’d had leading up to this trip.

28th November 2007 – Rumbling Hole (the alternative way!)
Full trip report. After instruction from Dave Ramsey we made our way to Leck Fell, very cold as usual! Not an easy trip but then again not hard either, a nice 4 hrs caving of what we wanted with impressive passage lower down.

24th November 2007 – Short Drop Cave and Gavel Pot
There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and the bitter cold on Leck Fell. Sure enough, it was cold; Chris and I had to cower inside the van to change. We then made our way to Short Drop Cave and to the first pitch, where the extremely high water levels were deafening. Once down, we headed for the traverse into Gavel Pot and to the first of the big pitches. The water powering down here was akin to Niagara Falls, not made any easier with me missing the rebelay due to the water volumes (corrected on the return journey with quality team work).
The last pitch was also very wet, requiring the very awkward deviation, dropping straight into the sump, which must have been 3 metres higher than normal.
Once we’d both been straight down and back up again, we decided to make our exit, knowing that the return journey would be tough. We weren’t wrong; moving tackle upstream, up the roaring pitches and through the crawl was extremely arduous; we could never imagine that Short Drop Cave could seem like the longest pothole in Yorshire.
We were both extremely grateful to arrive at the exit, agreeing on the walk back that this had been one of the toughest trips we’d done this year (and we’ve done quite a few tough trips). Once changed, we made a well deserved stop at the Marton Arms to debrief.

17th November 2007 – Notts2 photos
Full trip report. An opportunity to take some novices into a fantastic system with plenty to see for all. Visits were made to the upstream sump, Inlet 5 and the extension beyond (very pretty!!!) before returning to Curry Junction and heading up Curry Inlet for a recce. Lots of photo’s taken but due to the stillness of the system, condensation in the air proved a major problem in all parts of the cave. Alex describes the entrance to the cave like a scene from the film Daylight.

10th November 2007 – Tatham Wife Hole and Ingleton
Six of us headed up Ingleborough on a misty morning with zero visibility,
eventually we found the entrance. It was pretty wet in there, but not too wet –
everyone got down ok, passing the various deviations and climbs and the duck on
the way to the sump. After a quick look, we headed for the exit, with a few
mishaps on the way (with the deviations and rebelay).

The evening was spent relaxing in the Wheatsheaf – still a nice place, food good as it ever was, just let down by the beer or lack of choice – with all eleven of us booked in and staying there it made for an entertaining night. Food was consumed, beer and other drinks were drunk. Rather disappointingly the youngsters went to bed early (no stamina some of the youth of today!!) The ones with stamina stayed up until everyone else had left the pub, apart from the staff of course – although we would have been happy to close the door behind them and stay up longer…

3rd November 2007 – Swinsto Hole – pull through
With Rob, Pete, Alex and Rick in attendance, we split up, with 2 of us rigging the exit and Pete chaperoning Alex up the hill to get kitted up. Once that was done, a regulation trip was had down the vatious pitches before meeting some kids on a jolly in Valley Entrance.
After a recce to both sumps, we exited via our pre-installed rope to exit at 1.30pm! (Alex said it was about 3 hours later than it was). Pete then declared that he did the whole trip with ‘D’ unfastened.

3rd November 2007 – New discovery
Full trip report. A new cave discovered, plenty of fine formations, see full report.

1st November 2007 – Newby Moss Pot
Full trip report. A short and varied midweek trip, plenty of interest with minor squeezes, climbs, pitches, crawls and formations all packed into a short and sweet pothole.

27th October 2007 – Lancaster Hole photos
Full trip report. With just two of us in attendance, a straight forward descent of the Chasm pitch into a relatively dry master cave for a romp upstream. Lots of pictures were taken and our own experiences of this system extended a little further giving
confidence for future trips. A couple of minor mishaps aside (see trip report) a good trip was had.

20th October 2007 – Sunset Hole
A novice SRT trip to Sunset primarily for Claire’s better half! With only four of us (Me, Mike W, Claire and Ian) in attendance we set off for Sunset in glorious weather. All was well with the world until 100m from the entrance when I realised that my camera and car key were still residing on the wall in the layby. Mike W offered to return for them (hardy soul) and set off on what can only be described as “extreme fell running” LOL. Approximately 45mins later a bedraggled and somewhat exhausted specimen returned clutching his prize – well done sir! From here a straigtforward journey to the bottom of the cascades where SRT kit was donned. Once at the pitch head, the drop was rigged along with a safety line for Ian. Claire down first, followed by Ian, Mike and myself as rear guard. After a brief faff with Ian’s prusiking style, he mastered the art (in a fashion) and returned to his beloved at the top of the pitch. Once the rest of us were up, Ian decided to do it again
without any back up. Not satisfied, he did it a third time, each one showing improvement. Once he’d finished playing, a quick derig and exit was made before changing and retiring to the Wheatsheaf for a well earned drink.

13th October 2007 – Large Pot
Full trip report. Foggy on the hills; me, Mike and Rob entered, Mikes confidence prevented him getting through the 2nd pitch, me and Rob carried on to the bottom using the rope that was there, had a look around then exited to thicker fog! Stopped at Station Inn in Caton on the way home.

6th October 2007 – Langstroth Pot
Full trip report. A fine day meant we could finally have a crack at this pot, and what a pot it is. Crawling of varying kinds to start then the pitches start, 2nd pitch being slightly tight at the top, narrow streamway with an amazing abundance of helictites. More pitches and climbs and it gets fairly large lower down. Finally you reach the sumps, so near and yet so far – although at just over two hours to exit it wasn’t that far!
If you can fit down the pitch then its a very worthy pothole to do and not a P-bolt in sight.

30th September 2007 – Heron Pot and Yordas Cave
Driving down Kingsdale was like stepping back in time – cars and cavers everywhere! We parked up at a busy Yordas and headed for the empty Heron Pot. A pleasant through trip was had. We then headed over to Yordas, dropping in the middle entrance, then utilising the in-situ trunk we climbed the short pitch.
Arriving at Chapter House we aimed high and set about rigging the traverse. It has to be said it is an entertaining piece of rigging albeit completely over-the-top! Once down we took a quick look in the Main Chamber (more to escape the wet, draughty, noisy waterfall) before prusiking back up then re-rigging as a pull-through, which was a refreshing end to the day.

23rd September 2007 – Starting Handle Hole photos
With the Saturday trip failing I was keen for a trip, managed to get Pete to join me for an early start (Leck Fell, 7.30am – now that’s commitment to the sport!) After a coffee and a quick change we soon arrived at the entrance. A climb-cum-pitch was descended to a short crawl to the next pitch, with a rather large chunk of metal to belay from. Down this short affair led to a climb then a clamber down shored debris.
A short and small shuffle brought us to the 12m pitch, where our 15m rope seemed to struggle to reach the bottom, but after a bit of creative rigging we made it down. A bit more narrow passage arrives at a climb and the last pitch, the nicest of the bunch. This pleasant 18m pitch deposits you at a rather uninspiring junction, both ways on looked squalid, but I’m sure there’s potential there somewhere – and we did feel a draught.
After that excitement we headed out, not before finding a frog at the bottom,
which we duly rescued and released on the surface away from the hole. We then
headed over to Rough Pot and I made it to the first pitch to find one exploration stud, with no way of rigging it with the gear we had we washed off in the Lost Johns stream and headed for home and lunch!

8th September 2007 – Boundary Pot photos
A dry spell allowed us to finally visit this fine pot.. A short crawl, climb, crawl, climb brought us to a passage which reached a junction whereupon the twig placed across the passage was ignored and we followed the muddy crawl to a choke. Back-tracking we went the correct way and soon found ourselves climbing down to a dark aven. The tortuous passage from here wasn’t bad at all, even the smaller oxbow couldn’t really be described as tortuous. Bar Stewards Passage followed and was a little awkward (more so on the return journey) but not too bad. After a few climbs we reached the pitch, with no hangers we had to improvise with a very interesting natural set up! After much debating and faffing we had a rather impressive piece of rope work that did the job.
Going down the pitch you enter the sizeable Fusion Chamber, exiting here soon leads to a very pretty section of passage with some fine formations and later on false floors – not long after we entered Hiroshima Chamber, a very loose chamber that we didn’t hang around in too long before making our way back out.

1st September 2007 – Roaring Hole photos
Full trip report. A trip down to the bottom of this probably lesser visited Dales classic, with quite dry conditions making the boulder choke climbs fairly easy.

25th August 2007 – Wretched Rabbit
Full trip report. Went in Wretched Rabbit and down Spiral Staircase, then along the dusty stream (no water to be seen!), climbed up the Assembly Hall rope then up the cavers way climb to the traverse across to Easter Grotto. Carried on along Easter Grotto to the
climb down into Gypsum Caverns, we then did the full circuit before finding the correct way on and down to Holbeck Junction. On towards Stop Pot, up to the ladder and then down to the route through to Four Ways chamber and the climb down into Wretched Rabbit passage. From there we headed upstream and on the final climbs Alex struggled on the 2nd climb but was fine on all the others. Once out Alex and Paul went to the pond at the entrance and both fell in!!!

23rd August 2007 – Grey Wife Hole photos
With the sudden appearance of dry weather we figured we should do something to make use of it, after some deliberation we opted for this Newby Moss gem.. A warm slog to the entrance was followed by a loose climb down then a short low bedding plane. The first pitch was soon reached and at the bottom we encountered the wonderfully named Paradox Pond!
The traverse of this proved interesting and tiring (didn’t have a clue how deep it was?) and after that a narrow streamway was followed past some particularly nice formations (including some unexpected helictites). Eventually the traverse is reached, although there was a rope in place directly up the pitch so we used it even though it was awkward to use. At the top Rob carried on to the lovely Poets Corner before we retreated to Giggleswick for a drink.

18th August 2007 – Long Drop Cave photos
Full trip report. A drizzly day, but armed with some info we set off to do Long Drop Cave, the five pitches and the extensions which are accessed by going up some rope and then down again.. A different days outing on Leck Fell.

12th August 2007 – Skinto Cave
Full Trip Report.
A family trip come BRCC 2007 expedition in Crete

11th August 2007 – Ireby Fell Cavern photos
Full trip report. With 5 of us assembled we set off, changing our Ding Dong Bell plan to Shadow so as to avoid a group that got in just before us. Pete, Alex and Chris went down Shadow whilst myself and Rob headed down Bubbles Route and carried on and rigged Well Pitch. Instead of waiting we decided to go to Duke Street and Whirlpool Chamber where a rope hangs down, this leads to a sandy dig eventually (aiming for Ireby2, lets hope it gets there as that would be good!) and whilst in there we both dragged a (not full) bag of sand from the end and back down the pitch.
After we had done this everyone had caught us up so we made our way out – Chris, Alex and Rob out Shadow, me and Pete out Bubbles.

4th August 2007 – Marble Sink
The weather thoughtfully turned bad just in time for Saturdays trip down here, it was wet to say the least down there!! Our brief trip gave us a recce of the place again. Maybe next time..

29th July 2007 – Lancaster Hole
After some breakfast in Ingleton and purchasing of SRT kit for Alex we headed to Bull Pot Farm, which was quiet again. A warm trudge in the sun (yes, it was actually sunny!!) led us to the entrance and once down we headed for Montagu West and the Bull Pot sump, from here we backtracked slightly to the pleasantness of Waterfall Passage. At the pitch-cum-climb we rigged a pull-thru and descended the well watered drop and onwards to the Main Stream, the foam levels (well, the ones we could see) were many metres above our heads, about 10m or so.. From here we climbed up the boulder heap of Fall Pot and made our way out.

27th July 2007 – SRT practice, Ingleton wall
The main purpose of this afternoon was SRT practice for a couple of members, but it also allowed for some clambering/bouldering to be undertaken by everyone for technique practising or strength building or just plain old fun!

21st July 2007 – Mistral Hole
Full trip report. A pleasant caving trip down Mistral to Gour Hall and taking in the Pippikin stream way and Leck Fell Lane, astonishingly it was warm and sunny!! and also nobody at Bull Pot Farm.

14th July 2007 – Lancaster Hole
A pleasant jaunt on an otherwise poor day. Plenty of rain yet again restricted our intentions so Mike White and I ventured to Lancaster expecting it to be busy considering the weather – much to our surprise it was empty, I have never seen BPF so quiet!
From the entrance pitch we took in Slugs World before heading up into Collonade Chamber. From there we headed to Fall Pot for a scrat about before returning to Bridge Hall and on to the Graveyard. Plenty of good pictures were taken of the usual pretties before heading back out to be greeted by that illusive (of late) phenomenon called sunshine!
Mike S

12th July 2007 – Long Churn Cave (Upper and Lower) and Borrins Moor Cave
Another day of uncertain weather, it was a bit drizzly, so we headed to the Churns to be greeted by the usual array of minibuses! We headed in via Diccan to Dollytubs, through the Cheesepress and past the pools up the waterfall into Upper Long Churn. Emerging we trampled around looking for Borrins Moor and once in followed the dry side passage before Alex went through the resurgence entrance.
Once done we headed back along Upper Long Churn to avoid being out in the drizzle!

7th July 2007 – Vesper Pot
After another wet week we were uncertain on water levels and despite Kingsdale beck flowing, levels in Vesper were fine! We made good progress through the cave and the P-anchors (with rigging slightly different to the spits) made life easier..
At the final pitch we employed some slings and naturals along with a spit to create a
marvellous 3 way hang to allow that long lean to take place to the spits on the far side. Once rigged we headed down to the rather impressive and very loose Great Rubble Heap. We didn’t bother with the final scrotty pitch as it looked highly uninspiring and we didn’t have a rope for it anyway! So we headed out into the lovely late-noon sunshine.

28th June 2007 – County Pot
Full trip report. After yet another wet week County seemed a good choice again. Abseiled down the first pitch, down Razor to Dismal Junction, then up Cloughs Passage to the aven, up the pitch then up the tight pitch (awkward little one!) with one final pitch we entered the pleasantness of Nice Way.
We pressed on and decided to continue with Mancunian Way rather than Sideline, eventually reaching Cornes Cavern we made quick progress along the high level route before climbing down the ladder at Stop Pot and exiting (into the rain!!) via Wretched Rabbit.

23rd June 2007 – County Pot
After a wet week and some decision making County seemed like a good plan! Rob and Alex took the Manchester Bypass to Mainline terminus, a quick visit was had to Mainline Passage and Monster Cavern before heading to the Stop Pot ladder.
Down the ladder and headed in direction of Depot 1.5, making the way through here we finally popped out on the usual Wretched tourist route and headed out..

9th June 2007 – Robinsons Pot photos
Full trip report.
A rare chance of a trip in this short but interesting cave. With 10 of us assembled (which included David from the National Trust) we headed down the pitch and on through the crawls, along the nice MacColls rift – taking photos along the way, before hitting the main stream, some of us headed to the downstream sump before we all headed upstream..
Last time we didn’t visit the Worm Series but this time we did and David set about installing a temperature logger in their whilst we fettled with cameras. From here retracing our steps was the only way to go. As ever the muddy slopes and crawls proved more entertaining when wet!
Thoroughly recommended if you are lucky enough to obtain a permit. Afterwards most of us headed to the Helly for refreshments.

27th May 2007 – Try Caving Day at Ribblehead
Full trip report. Our contribution to Try Caving, which took place at Ribblehead..

26th May 2007 – Bar, winch, Disappointment and Flood
Once again we thank the BPC as we made use of the in-situ ropes in the GG system. Mike and Neil headed down Bar Pot whilst Dunc, Rob, MikeW, Claire headed for the delights of Disappointment Pot!
In Dis the going was reasonable if small at the entrance, the duck/portcullis was passed without too much grumbling and we made reasonable progress along the narrow rifty section and down the remaining pitches and into Henslers Master Cave. From here we followed New Henslers and on past Bar Pot (nobody to be seen!) we eventually bumped into some people along SE/S passages (the first we had seen since going underground). We met Mike and Neil in the Main Chamber and then Neil took the winch out, Mike went out of Dis with Rob and the remaining three headed out of Flood Entrance – the only people we saw were descending the big pitch, most unusual for a winch meet!

12th May 2007 – County Pot to Wretched Rabbit photos
Full trip report.
An easier caving trip for a journalist to try caving and produce an article promoting the national event. Entered County, took the bog standard route through Trident, onto a wet main stream to Stop Pot. From here we headed towards Gypsum Caverns before retreating back to Stop Pot.
Once here we made our way out of Wretched Rabbit without any problems. On the surface Mike volunteered to retrieve the ladder from County, once in he found a group on their way out having derigged it for us! Just as well we weren’t planning on exiting that way then..

4th May 2007 – Marble Steps Pot (Intestines route)
After a dry spell again we wanted a flood prone trip, so this was eventually picked from our list of possibles. Straightforward descent down the Gully, round the bypass, down the pitch/climb and along the 240ft rift. From here Stink Pot is followed but this time we continued down instead of traversing forwards to the more common Ninety route.
From here the three remaining pitch heads become more interesting, although its nothing too bad. At the bottom we had a quick look around before heading out and onwards to the Ship Inn.

25th April 2007 – Dowkabottom Cave photos
Before visiting this cave we nipped in Sleets Gill to see how wet it was/had been, we found a reasonable sized stream flowing out of the Wharfedale Sump. Satisfied we had seen enough we headed to Dowkabottom, which is a bit of a trek but in very nice surroundings.
Once in we followed the North Passage, through the duck (what duck?!?!?) and to the end, also exploring the stream passage with its array of digs. After a look down a side passage we headed out, taking in South Passage before doing so.
Back at the car Rob found the key to success being a few pieces of wire and a krab. The services of the Tenants Arms was called for after the late-noon entertainment.

21st April 2007 – King Pot photos
Full trip report. A fine trip to the East Kingsdale Main Drain in this most majestic of potholes!

14th April 2007 – Long Churn Cave / Alum Pot photos
Full trip report.
A pleasant sunny day in the Dales and (most unusually) the place was almost empty!! We undertook a novice SRT trip, taking in the usual delights that the Churns/Alum have to offer. Went to the Station Inn afterwards to be greeted by the bar being closed for 15mins, after a 7min wait an enquiry as to when the bar will open resulted in a comment of ‘the bar will open when I open it!’ – so we went to the friendlier surroundings of the Hill Inn instead.

7th April 2007 – Washfold Pot
Full trip report. After Easter traffic and some indecision on where to park we were finally on the way. The fine big pitch was passed without problem and without needing a deviation as it was dry enough! (It gives a much nicer hang without, but I wouldn’t want to try it when it was wetter.)
Route finding was straightforward and we put ropes on the climbs rather than using the in-situ washing line.. The last three pitches (or two if you class one of them as a climb) were reached and it did start to get a tad chilly at that point so we didn’t hang around at the impressive sump.

31st March 2007 – Yockenthwaite Pot and Langstroth Cave photos
Full trip report. A pleasant days outing, taking in Yockenthwaite Pot and a short extra to the day doing Langstroth Cave, afterwards the river provided us with superb washing facilities!

24th March 2007 – Notts Pot (Adamsons Route)
After a late-ish start we set off down Notts, aiming for the Adamsons Route, where we made a straightforward descent. When we reached the point where all routes converge we headed back out to be greeted by a fabulous sunset!

14th March 2007 – Cliff Force Cave
The weather was good so we made use of it and parked up at Buttertubs, a short walk led us to the shaft and down into the entrance series of Cliff Force, having a copy of the survey made progress straightforward and we quickly past the Ducking Pond and onwards to a more complex area, although the books description of turning right made route finding ok.
We eventually hit the stream and easier passage, route finding wasn’t hard but neither was it obvious at some points, eventually we entered a sideways crawl and popped out into Fault Hall, from here the strangely named passage of Drain Queens Highway was followed (a nice piece of passage!) to the duck, backtracking we found the bypass and this led us into the aptly named Room of Dangling Doom. Without breathing on the roof we pressed on and Rob explored some tight and wet passage, which wasn’t the way on, but we soon found it and all too soon the sump was reached and we headed out and onwards for refreshments in Hawes.

10th March 2007 – Ireby Fell Cavern
Approaching Masongill in a drizzly gloom didn’t inspire confidence but, we thought we may as well look, as it turned out the pitches weren’t that wet despite the recent weather. The two Mikes went down Ding, Dong, Bell whilst Dunc and Rob headed for the recent addition of the Bubbles Route, which despite a description of medium sized cavers going through without SRT kit and two squeezes it wasn’t actually that bad and it has to be said the pitch is nice with some interesting features near/at the bottom! Joining up beyond Pussy Pitch we headed to the end of the cave before making our retreat, where a partial exchange took place on the pitches. Heading out into the cold gloomy late-noon wasn’t pleasant!

24th February 2007 to 28th February – Wales
An extended weekend in South Wales, staying at Penwyllt.

Sun: Dubious weather forced us to abandon the DYO trip as there was a high chance of being stuck on the wrong side of the Lakes so just Dunc and Dom opted for a jolly in OFD, heading to The Shambles via the standard route before time forced a retreat (Dom was keen to join the cup final traffic heading back to London!)

Mon: Pete and Geoff opted for some mountain biking fun whilst the other three went for a stroll around Ystradgynlais (with some nice chips from the chippy) from here we headed to Craig y Nos country park, which is a very pleasant place for a stroll.

Tue: A wet and very windy day, grim, not one for being out and about and any thoughts of our possible visit to Pant Mawr Pot were quickly thrown out of the window!
So we stayed in until mid-noon before all piling into Geoffs Delica and heading to Swansea for a dash of shopping and a KFC meal to keep us fuelled up.
By today the heating had failed and with it hot water, by the time we were leaving on Wednesday the gas was almost out too, despite this minor inconvenience we still had yet another enjoyable stay courtesy of the SWCC.

24th February 2007 – Sunset Hole – novice SRT
With others going to South Wales the opportunity arose to take a potential new member on his first SRT trip. Sunset Hole was selected for its novice friendly pitch head. A pleasant walk up to the hole was followed by an even nicer amble through the system to the climbs. Water levels necessitated the use of a handline for ease. After kitting up and a brief lesson on how the kit worked, Mike W was safely down the last climb and round to the pitch head. A bit of faffing with the rope to ensure it reached the bottom of the pitch and it was Mike W’s turn to descend. Another quick lesson on prussiking at the bottom and he was up
again – natural ability!!! I then left him to go up and down again as I took some pics. On the way out the it was noted that the water level had risen (handline proved its worth) but once up the climbs, a straightforward exit was made.
Mike S

17th February 2007 – Diccan Pot
After a week of average weather we opted for Diccan, Alum Lane was packed out as ever but (strangely) we had Diccan to ourselves.. Everything was going to plan until the rebelay half way down the second notable pitch, whereupon the end of the rope (with knot in end) got washed through a gap between wall-boulder-small rock and somewhere somehow got jammed. Despite three of us trying in turn and all of us getting completely soaked and cold in the process we failed to retrieve the rope so drastic measures were called for – cutting the rope. Not having a knife to hand meant good old rock was employed for the job, which eventually worked! Only 5m lost – disappointing but still a good bit of srt.

10th February 2007 – Short Drop Cave (and some minor bits)
After waiting in the car for the sleety-wet-snow to stop we quickly got changed and wandered across the fell, having a look in the Eyeholes and finding two digs (neither of which went far!) before finally going for a pleasant stroll along Short Drop Cave and back again.

27th January 2007 – County Pot
Again! And yet another alternative trip, this time the Dismal Round.. We poked our heads in numerous side passages before heading down Razor Passage and finding the correct shelf into Upper Razor. From here some crawling led us to the pretty but muddy Gallery Extension, onwards through Funnel Chamber and more crawling along the Dismal Bypass.
We eventually arrived a Molluscan Hall and carried on down to the somewhat loose
Surprise Junction before heading back, this time opting for the damp Dismal Junction route which is less dismal than the bypass!

20th January 2007 – County Pot
Another wet week meant options were limited so we opted for County, undertaking the Manchester Bypass, taking a brief detour along Mainline Passage before dropping down the ladder at Stop Pot and following the stream to Eureka Junction (evidence of recent flooding was all around!)
We then headed via Whiteline Passage back to Battle of Britain Chamber, before heading along a passage to Poetic Justice, down the chimney and down to Platypus Junction before heading back up Razor Passage and finally out!

17th January 2007 – Nettle Pot (Derbyshire)
Welly I be blowed, fancy forgetting an important piece of gear or two!!
After the initial faff of rectifying the missing gear problem we quickly disappeared underground out of the cold wind and made a straightforward decent down the entrance and onwards to the Crumble and Beza route.
Beza proved to be quite damp and dribbly and somewhat chilly so we didn’t hang around down there, a quick exit was made into the dark and cold evening.

6th January 2007 – Wretched Rabbit / Spiral Staircase
The afternoon shift arrived and went down Wretched and into Spiral, from Holbeck we headed to the Assembly Hall and onwards to Nagasaki and eventually Limerick Junction before retracing our steps and exiting into the mist, a good route finding exercise for our planned through trip later in the year.
We also took a minor detour and visited the nicely decorated Chocolate Box Grotto, replacing the stones as we left..

6th January 2007 – Bull Pot of the Witches
The morning shift undertook a trip taking in Gour Chamber and one of the sumps, and the short walk was as good as ever.