31st December 2010 – Eastwater Cave (Mortons Pot)
Cavers present: Daniel J, Rich S (BEC). Weather: Overcast but settled though presumably very saturated ground after the snow had melted.

I was down at the BEC for New Years eve this year and (a little hungover after a pre-new years eve night of excess) jokingly suggested to my friend Rich that we do Morton’s Pot (having heard his description of it in the past). It’s in the already miserable Eastwater Cave and has (allegedly) been described by prominent Mendip caver Madphil as ‘the hardest bit of cave passage in the uk.

Anyhow, Rich took my suggestion seriously and, feeling I had to uphold the honour of BRCC and northerners in general, a few pints of water later I found myself at the entrance. There was a small trickle of water running in but after all the snowmelt that seemed inevitable. The trip should not be done in wet conditions or when rain is forecast though.

Navigation is easy. You follow a rope down the boulder choke that is the entrance to Eastwater then go left to Mortons pot and that’s it really. Some impressive amount of work has been done to make this trip possible so full credit to the original diggers (primarily Madphil I believe) i.e. concrete dams, walls and blasted passage. The passage follows the 45 deg incline of many Mendip caves so the way down isn’t too bad (enjoyable in places) and mostly feet first. There is no single feature that is harder than certain squeezes or small sections of passage in other tough caves but the passage is quite relentless for it’s 2 or 3 hundred metre length.

The toughest sections are near the end with the final proper squeeze, ‘Hells Gate’ being the tightest (I had to exhale a little and force myself through). This is good as it means you’re not too tired when going back out through these tight bits. It was on the way out that I decided:
1. I should have brought a bottle of water (or not drank the night before)
2. Two or three trips in 5 months does not keep you cave fit!

I struggled the most at Hells Gate which proved much harder on the way out and through which I could get only after changing my technique twice (smaller persons need not worry). Other squeezes and climbs needed some thought and effort but none proved as tricky. I was pretty knackered and dehydrated by the time I got out but had I been more cave fit and not hungover I don’t think it would have seemed so bad. (Though I did find that I was covered head to foot in bruises the next day!)
All in all an enjoyable and recommended tougher trip, though one that should only be attempted by experienced cavers no bigger than myself. When a little fitter I’d like to do it again as part of an Eastwater round trip..and bring Alex along so he can compare it to Quaking!

4th December 2010 – Ten Pound Gill, Tatham Wife Hole & ambling about photos
With a week of snow, cold and ice options were limited so after breakfast and indecision in Ingleton we finally decided to head for Granite Quarry. Quick change and then we nipped in Ten Pound Gill (after climbing the snow to get in!) then clambered upwards to Tatty Wife, negotiating up to waist deep drifts, from here we indulged in “spotholing” and found a hole that may repay further attention.
We then tried to locate Chanterelle Pot, we found some wood/plastic in a hole that looked collapsed but with the snow covering it was hard to tell, onwards and found a shaft (not 100% sure what this is at the moment) then back to Tatty where we explored the roof and then descended the first two pitches, before retreating due to lack of time.
The journey down was fun as bum-sledging was employed as a crazy method of descending quicker.

28th November 2010 – Quaking Pot (to the Crux)
Full trip report. A recce to the Crux to sample what this cave is like, a joint trip again, this time the YSS.. The snow, on exiting, proved as challenging as the cave itself!

25th November 2010 – Bagshawe Cavern
Full trip report. A Black Rose/Torne Valley midweeker with two in attendance, taking in the Hippodrome and Dungeon, with a bit of Agony thrown in for good measure.

20th November 2010 – Link Pot to Peterson Pot
Full trip report.
A drop down Link and through the Wallows, where Daz shot off out of Mistral and the three remaining men headed to HotMK and thus the pitches up into Svengland. An enjoyable(!) exit was then made via Roly Poly and Peterson.

13th November 2010 – Lancaster Hole – Wretched Rabbit
A joint trip. We entered via Lancaster Hole, along to Bridge Hall, quick look at the Colonnades and then we climbed down Kaths Way, followed downstream to where a climb up a mud bank and short ladder takes you into the continuation of Monatgu West,
Portcullis Passage follows to a junction where we went left ‘Cross passage’ then a short climb down into Wilf Taylors, we followed this downstream to two rope climbs ‘Double Decker Pot’ then shortly afterwards we popped out into the main stream.

We went upstream passing Fall Pot and Stake Pot until eventually we got split up at the Oxbow Corner choke where a few went up the rope and over. When we met up again at the top we then crawled through to Oakes Cavern and then down into the Minarets before emerging into the vastness of Cornes Cavern,
Snail Cavern and then Mainline Terminus. We took a left there and along to the Stop Pot ladder. From the bottom of the ladder we crawled onto the first shelf on the right and through into Four Ways Chamber. Slipping down into the streamway below we were then in Wretched Rabbit which we duly followed upstream to the entrance/exit.

30th October 2010 – Illusion Pot
People Present: Alex, Mike S, Mike W and the illusive Daniel J.
Weather: Clear though it had chucked it down over the previous night. Grade: 3 My Grade 3.

I suggested Illusion Pot as due to the rope situation the only other alternative seemed to be Wretched Rabbit.
We got down into the cave to find it very drippy. We reached the Duck but towards the end it had no air space and had become a sump. As I could not remember how long it was, we decided to bail it.

After 15 minutes of bucketing fun Mike S and me passed through the duck. Dan and Mike W decided to bail it some more before coming through, wimps’ lol.
I led everyone up stream first to look pretties where after a dodgy (According to Dan) climb is passed you get into the pretties properly. GREAT CARE is needed in this passage, as this is one of the best-decorated passages in the Dales. After taking a couple of photo’s better ones will be taken on a return trip, we headed to the downstream sumps.

After examining both we decided to try and do Perfidia, but we did not know where it was. The first crawl we tried was mainly all flat out (tick) but it split into two passages after approx 50 metres or so where both quickly choked. The blockages where digable if you are masochistic. The second crawl we tried again was flat out this time with a couple of squeezes thrown in. But after 70 metres or so this brought us out into one of the main chambers we walked through earlier. I believe this crawl was called Vandal Passage or something like that.

In the end we did not find Perfidia unless it was the first blocked crawl we tried, but we burned off quite a few calories in the search.
I think everyone enjoyed the trip and the enjoyed it more as the duck/sump was still open and we did not have to bail it from the other end, which would have been quite difficult.

24th October 2010 – Clapham Bottoms Pot and Beck Head Stream Cave
After a last minute decision to go to the Dales, the trip was undecided..
En-route to the Dales, we pulled over in Gisburn as we had to make a decision as to where to go and thus which way to drive, this was the critical junction!
After a quick debate we opted for Clapham Bottoms Pot (inc Troubled Waters) and possibly Beck Head Stream Cave if we had time.

Clapham, took the Long Lane route, with no moaning from Rob, unlike the Pete and Alex show I had to put up with last time. Eventually found entrance and down we went, clambering down the rotting wooden supports to the second pitch (first pitch is the climb down), very slightly snug at top, rigging consisted of two spits, designed for ladders really and not SRT, however our 13m got us down, I shot off along wrong passage into small chamber, looked at survey and backtracked along the smaller passage!

Traversed over hole, into slightly muddy crawl which ended at the pitch into Olympic Chamber, again not for SRT but a 17m got us down from 2 spits, via a natural deviation. Dumped kit, down a loose slope, down a loose scaffolded climb.
At bottom short shuffle brings you to wet crawl (becomes duck in wet weather, so I read), into deeper water (neck deep, when stood up) before it relents, easy progress along nice stream passage. Beautifully clear water, not the usual murky water you get in a cave. Very nice gour, straws etc, after walking, stooping and a bit of crawling (and floating where the water depth allowed) it chokes. Turned round and headed out. Worth a visit this area.
Still early (trip time about 2.5hrs) headed down to Beck Head Stream Cave – short shuffle into moist and gnarly streamway, fine waterfall, bit more passage, mini round trip and back out..

24th October 2010 – Nenthead; Caplecleugh to Rampgill
The far north trip – a few highlights; Alex has new head wear, Caplecleugh is now only Armpit depth (depending on your height!) One member didn’t need a wetsuit!
The silty boot expressway is silty, there were hanging ladders of doom! 2 of the seven dwarfs have reopened the flats again for business!

17th October 2010 – Attermire Pootle, Twinkle Cave
Dunc and Alex went for a wander. Found One-leg Pot, small, would need a lot of “persuasion”, may have been looked at previously going on the slab at the entrance.
Entered the already known Twinkle Cave – surprisingly impressive, draughts a fair bit too, someone is/was working at bottom of entrance shaft, looks like a slog!
Moved onto Hopping Henry Hole, the sides of the shakehole have slumped depositing a large quantity of soil and rocks in the hole, would need shoring if ever pushed further.
Hopped over into next field and tried to locate Clay Pot and Sting Hole (for gaining accurate grid-ref etc) and failed rather miserably, I know the entrances were obscure but what a joke.. Might try again one day..

16th October 2010 – New Rift Pot
Three of us (Chris K, Dan J and I) met up in Inglesport for a bite to eat and discussion on where to go. Our options being Illusion Pot or Rift Pot. After a quick chat with Mr Ramsay we decided on a photo trip in Rift.

A quiet Masongill saw us quickly changed and off up the track to the entrance shakehole. Kitted up we descended into the system and were soon through the tightish (not for me anymore LOL) bits and at the main pitch head. With all three of us safely down we set about exploring the edges of Coates Cavern looking for anything that may be of interest.
I had a crawl along a likely looking offshoot only to find it blocked just out of sight LOL). We headed in the direction of the Rift-Ireby connection and took photo’s of each other “smoking” a pipe shaped stal.

Heading back to Coates Cavern we skirted the right hand wall and made our ascent up to the connecting crawl with Acacia Avenue. We bimbled through here identifying things things the we would photograph on our return. In the next chamber along, Chris and Dan headed upslope to the right whilst I headed straight on negotiating what I can only assume was the “sloping ice rink” described in an earlier trip report.
At the end of this chamber there appeared to be 2 ways on, one trending to the left hand side and the other seemed to be a short traverse straight ahead with a small hole – I assumed this to be the Mousehole and route through to the Large Pot connection.

Turning back I soon met up with the others and was encouraged to climb down a blasted dig. A small passage continued to a short drop into a small chamber. As I only stuck my head in, I can’t say if there was any routes leading on. Back out of the dig, we all headed back upslope to have a look at a flat out bit that neither of the other two had bothered to look at. Dan disappeared down in amongst the boulders whilst Chris and I headed into the flat crawl only to arrive in a small chamber with no way on.
Interestingly enough though, there is a choked passage leading off from this chamber which was draughting slightly and looked easy digging and gravel – possibly something for the moles to look at, at some point.

Retracing our steps, taking pics enroute we were soon back at the crawl through to Coates Cavern. Here, Chris and Dan had a mooch up the spoil heap with Chris umming and ahhiing as to whether he could make a climb but in the end deciding otherwise.
Back in Coates Cavern, we donned SRT kits and headed out. Back on the surface, the sun was still shining making for a pleasurable change before heading down to the Whoop for liquid refreshment.

3rd October 2010 – Pointless Pot – dig
Dig at Pointless Pot. Bloody wet day! Some progress made, camera was left in car so no pictures of the days events. exploration page

2nd October 2010 – Lancaster Hole
After the rain on Friday Chris Kelly and I decided to head down to the main drain via Chasm pitch to see what the water levels were like. Although only calf deep and fast flowing, it was evident from the froth on the walls 20 (or so) feet above our heads that a significant volume of water had passed through the system recently.
Although Xmas will soon be upon us, it was unnerving to see Santa had set up one of his grotto’s in the downstream sump – a very picturesque sight if not a little worrying.

From here we had a mosey along a side passage and a few climbs and found ourselves in (according to survey) Double Decker Pot. From here we progressed up (it would appear) Wilf Taylors and round into waterfall passage.
We followed this not really knowing where we were at or where we would end up either whilst supressing the urge to explore the other passages entering the route. Water levels were quite high in places along this passage and at a point where if began to flow faster down some cascades, we decided to beat a retreat and get back to the main drain – promising to return in drier circumstances.

Once back in the main drain we headed past fall pot to have a look at the washing machine, on the way, having to wade through the two pools which were chest deep LOL. We continued on Stake Pot before turning round as we wanted to have a wander around the entrance series on the way out. At this point Chris decided the streamway looked remarkably like some form of aquapark ride and promptly sat down to be whisked off downstream at a considerable rate of knots LOL.
I decided I would be having some of that and followed. We were hoping to be deposited into the washing machine but unfortunately the passage widened slightly, slowing the flow just before we reached it.

We headed back downstream and made a quick ascent up chasm. A visit to Colonnades was made as Chris had never been in Lancaster Hole before and it was quite impressive to view the conservation work being undertaken.
We followed the dig at the end through some flat out squeezy bits to its conclusion (considerably further than last time I’d been in there LOL) before returning to the entrance. Time was now ticking as Chris had a prior engagement with a pub, big screen, beer and the challenge cup final, so we made our exit and headed to the Whoop Hall to find ourselves amidst a swanky wedding party hehehe.

26th September 2010 – Bull Pot (Kingsdale)
After failing to bottom this cave due to water levels a few weeks ago, Graham and I made a return visit to see if we could get any further than last time – we did!!!
With me rigging, we were soon down the first three pitches. At the fourth it was decided to drop straight down rather than faff with deviations and rebelays – this was only possible as there was next to no water flowing. We quickly located the final faffy traverse and pitch to reach the bottom in around 1.5hrs.
A quick look at the miserable excuse for a sump was had before beating a hasty retreat out with Graham derigging and reaching the surface in just over 1hr.
A quick trip but a good one. It really seemed like a different cave today – we could chat to each other with ease and made good progress without any faff.

25th September 2010 – The Borehole to County Pot
Chilly day, nobody at BPF, pleasant cave, couple of climbs, bit of crawling, nice pitch rigged off a scaffold pole. Pulled through and followed passage until we came to a cross rift kind of thing – and finally we appeared on the survey!
Bit of confusion at Mottersheads and shortly after as we tried to locate the clamber down to the stream. Soon emerged in more familiar surroundings of Spiral / Pool Sink. Down to Eureka, up Whiteway, obscure route to Broken Ladder and Manc bypass where we examined the connection to Iggy Bliss – Rob and Alex declared it too tight.
We exited via County; letting Rob sample the climb up the pitch (as he hadn’t done it before) to rig a rope for the rest of us!

11th September 2010 – Bull Pot (Kingsdale)
Full trip report. Three men and a Bull… A bit of rigging practice, a wet day, a nearly lost rope, all packed into this short Kingsdale Pot.

4th September 2010 – Mossdale Caverns photos

Full trip report. The original intention was to do Crescent Pot, we had all the gear but on the drive up the decision was made to go on an adventure to Mossdale instead.
Photocopying NFTFH, using large scale road maps to navigate over there, all bizarre. As it turned out it was a very interesting trip, nice sandstone crawling, some fun pleasant wet sections (if somewhat gloomy).

29th August 2010 – Aygill Caverns
People present: Alex Ritchie and Mike Skyrme.
The plan for the day was some obscure route around Easegill led by Dunc, unfortunately Dunc slept in much more then he meant and decided rather then be an hour late, not to come at all.

With Dunc out of the picture and not knowing anything more then tourist routes in Ease Gill, me and Mike s were struggling for a trip idea. I remembered a cave I had always wanted to do which was Aygill Caverns.
Not knowing exactly what to expect when we found it we spent the first 20 minutes scrambling about in crawls thinking we were in the wrong cave as they all closed down, that was until I spotted a well worn climb up.

After some crawls we were soon at the first pitch, which was already rigged though the rope was really dodgy and in need of replacement.
At the bottom we spent a while finding the way on until I with my passage finding nose found the way on through a slot in the floor. This dropped us down into the stream.
A vertical squeeze dropped us into a small chamber before the rather wet 2nd pitch. At the bottom several streams joined us and as a consequence the amount of water increased massively, it had recently bucketed it down.

The cascades down were sporting, and required more traversing over the water than climbing due to the power of the water. It was sporting but not dangerous. At the bottom we had a look around a few passages in roof and lower down.
We did a few accidental round trips and thought this must be it, so we climbed back up the cascades and explored some up stream passages for a while before they closed down, so we called it a day and headed out.

14th August 2010 – Ogof Llyn Parc
Full trip report.
We had a team of a six and the NWCC brought along more, including the all important winch! 300ft winch up and down, nice and interesting passaes, formations and a dose of fun thrown in, definitely recommended!

12th August 2010 – What Have You Got Pot (Dachstien)
Full trip report. A couple of BRCC members joined the 2010 Dachstien Expedition, here Alex writes about his experience in one of the pots..

7th August 2010 – Voldemort Hole / Notts II
Full trip report.
We had obtained a permit for Notts II and the decidsion was made to make use of the quite recently opened Voldemort entrance.
An exchange trip of sorts took place and the usual places were visited.

1st August 2010 – Cherry Tree Hole
A three man team descended to the bottom, including the moist second pitch. A visit to the upstream section was also had, as far as Branch inlet.

31st July 2010 – Small Mammal Pot
With just two of us in attendance (Mike S, Chris K) a descent of this fine little alternative into the Bar Pot system. Dropping down the big pitch rather than the south east aven alternative we then made the stomp through to GG main chamber for Chris’s first ever view of it.
We then had a nosey in North Passage but decided to turn back after it degenerated into a “flat out” crawl. A visit to Mud Hall was had before returning to South Passage via Booth Parsons crawl. A straight forward exit was made with Chris derigging. All in all a great little trip.
Mike S

25th July 2010 – Bar Pot
4 of us ambled up to Bar Pot, me and Alex went down (the tackle free) Stile Pot whilst John and Dan went down Bar, once inside we were soon on the short traverse round the edge of the big pitch,
through a short thrutch and on to the traverse to SE Aven (looks like a nice pitch) – we carried on over that into a muddy crawl (our aim was Wild Cat Rift).
I stopped at a corner due to getting stuck, mud was like glue, arms outstretched was possibly not a good move, for me anyway!
Alex went through followed by Dan, John had given up a little further back. Alex & Dan got shit up some more reaching a pitch before retreating.
John and Dan went out Stile (slightly harder exiting) whilst me and Alex exited Bar. An alternative day out in this interesting pothole.

24th July 2010 – Swinsto Hole
Two plus a novice enjoyed a pleasant, sporting pull-through in slightly wetter conditions than last time, retrieved bag for CRO.

17th July 2010 – Swan Dike Pot
Full trip report.
Alex and I made a renewed attempt at Swan Dike after a recent failure by some of the lads. We made good progress to the trick (about 25 mins) and then beyond.
The cave is relatively unspoilt after the trick (I presume not many go down there) and there are some nice formations. The very bottom section involves some nasty flat out crawling in the stream to the sump. We completed the trip in about 4 hours in wettish conditions, so we were quite pleased with the effort.

10th July 2010 – Link Pot photos
With the weather a little more suspect we drew up a list of three possibles, over a brew we plumped for Link Pot and the Serendipity Pitches. With all the gear packed we trudged over in the warmth to be greeted by a cool breeze rising out of the spacious entrance (at least that’s what I thought Mike said about it!)
Steady progress was made to Tigers Inlet, with me being horrified by the vast amount of rope that had appeared sometime in the last 10 years since my previous visit, on the traverse leading to it.
At the junction we chose right, to Handpump Hall, following Daves advice we found the other way out which rejoined the usual route (a pleasant detour). Pitches all rigged quickly with no issues, first pitch was climbed by Alex on the way down and me on the way up.
Easy Street was followed to its conclusion before a retreat was made.

7th July 2010 – Short Drop Cave / Gavel Pot
Short and pleasant midweeker with 6 people (that’s more than the weekend trips!!) Some of the pitches completed, a frog was also rescued.

3rd July 2010 – Marble Steps Pot (Intestines / Ninety mini-exchange) photos
Me, Pete, Mike and Alex “fingers” Ritchie headed to this fine pot, the original plan of looking at Lost Marbles was shelved (saving that delight for another day) in favour of a quick and easy descent of The Gully.
At the bottom we went round the bypass, climbed the short pitch and headed along the 240ft Rift to Stink Pot. At the bottom we split up, me and Pete rigging the Ninety (complete with rancid stagnant pool at the top!) and Mike and Alex being dispatched down the Intestines.
We swung off the Ninety to rejoin the other two so we all descended the final Intestines pitch together. Once down we headed out t’other way for a mini-exchange.
Good trip as ever in this pot!

20th June 2010 – Crystal Cave – Dog Hole – Bucket On The Head
Full trip report.
With the weather blessing us with continued dryness a trip to do this more recently created (2008 ish) through trip was planned. An early start saw us underground by 9.
With just about everything (apart from pitches) this turned out to be a fine trip, completed in just over 2hours with the aid of a survey.

12th June 2010 – Rift Pot (ToD)
An intended in-out trip for two that enjoyed an amble around the pleasantries of Rift. For the other two a through trip to Ireby was planned;
Interesting and mixed route through the Temple of Doom with a couple of dubious chokes, dubious as in a rock or two holds back certain death!
The triangular squeeze was the wrong shape for one and a return journey had to made to exit back out of Rift..

30th May 2010 – Gaping Gill; Henslers Pot to; Corkys Pot, Marilyn, Bar Pot
Full trip report. (broken link)
A gaggle of six gathered above the entrance to Henslers, once in we soon passed the ‘non-duck’ and were on our way down some pleasant pitches.
The final crawls and thrutches weren’t too bad, two pitches left, the final one being the very fine and worthy Henslers High Aven! At the bottom we split up;

Dunc & Rob headed through New Henslers to SE/S Passage and on to the exposed Pool Traverse to get to Main Chamber, from here it was up into Old East and out via Corkys Pot (and if you’re looking, hello to those WSG members we passed at Prelim Pitch!)
Pete & Dan went downstream in the Master Cave for a short jolly before heading off out of Dis / Marilyn.
Alex & Daz_of also headed through New Henslers and on to the Main Chamber before exiting via South East Aven and then Alex out of Small Mammal and Daz out Bar.

29th May 2010 – Smeltmill Beck Cave
The two Mikes paid a visit to this off track little gem. Dodging the Gyppo hoards on the way we parked up just off the A66 and changed in light drizzle. Unperturbed we entered the cave navigating our way through the ducks and into the stream passage proper.
Although NC states 1.9km of walking passage, it is very narrow in places and extremely sharp in others but abounding with beautiful formations many of which appeared dry due to the lack of rain. Once water levels increase the cave should look different again and well worthy of another visit.

We made it to the extremities of the system before returning to take photo’s of the prettier parts and finally exiting after almost 3hrs, into heavy rain. A quick change saw us prowling for fish and chips on the way home – but that’s another story!

22nd May 2010 – Manchester Hole – Goyden Pot (Church Pot) film
The weather was fine and sunny (bloody warm!!) and myself, Pete and Alex met at the picnic spot just above Goyden.
Short stroll to Manchester and into the spacious streamway, nearing the sump it gets lower but nothing bad, passing through Divers Chamber Alex was dispatched to the surface to investigate Bax Pot.
From here there’s some crawling (slightly wet but not too bad), a nice slot climb down with the water, bit of crawing to a choke climb and more easy stream passage to emerge in the very spacious Goyden streamway.
We followed the fine fig-8 route described on the Braemoor website, Alex loved the knotted rope climb down – some nice passages in this part of Goyden.

Pleasant crawling with occasional stooping and walking along New Stream Passage, passed through Mud Hall, climbed up then along a short traverse,
overlooked the main stream, had some fun with a short climb up (awkward little bugger), then onwards before (nearly) emerging from Goyden Main Entrance, back in along the main passage to climb up and head out via Church Pot!
Less than three hours and we weren’t really rushing. Enjoyable outing (I particularly liked the “Eternal Optimist” connection) and one I’d do again..

22nd May 2010 – Heron Pot
The Western-Dales trip….
Three of us paid a visit to the Black Rose Tunnel in KMC rigging the traverse from the roof tunnel. Worthy of more probing possibly but seeing as we had another cave to visit further up the valley – it was best to stay as dry as possible LOL.

Second cave of the day was Heron Pot – a hot slog up the hill and into the welcoming coolness of the pot. A straight forward stomp through the system, pulling through at the 2 pitches. A minor detour was made into the fossil series followed by a nice crawl in the main bedding without the bags until Ron (who refused to listen to logic) abbly assisted by Graham (likely to be our newst member) returned for them LOL.
A pleasant afternoon was had by all and was rounded off by imbibing in the usual refreshments at the Marton Arms.
Mike S

15th May 2010 – Swan Dike Pot film
People Present: Alex (glad I am a T-rex crossed with a mole) Ritchie, Dan (The man who can’t) Jackson, Pete (I ain’t going to fit through there) Dale.
Well what can I say…
It was an enjoyable cave but it proved to be too much or too small for two members who did not have the magic to do the trick!. My magic (a shrink spell) did the trick however the other two could not play their cards right and succumbed to a spell of claustrophobia. I think I will drop that analogy now.
Not wanting to venture on alone after a quick look down stream I turned around and forced my way back up the trick (a lot harder up than going down) where I joined the others and headed out. Exiting was made interesting due to my boredom as I decided to an use alternative exit.

9th May 2010 – Grey Wife Hole film
A team of four (Alex, Pete, Dan & a new member Brian) set out to tackle Grey wife Hole. We had a bit of surface route finding problems leading to an accidental half an hour exploration Hurnel Ridge Sink where we free climbed the pitch (9m).
After realising we were in the wrong cave, we headed out and went into Grey Wife.
A cobbled crawl was entertained followed by some narrow rifts before reaching the first pitch, where someone had left some ladders and rope there on a constricted pitch head for some reason? With that moved out of the way we rigged the pitch and I was volunteered to descend first to see what Paradox Pond was like.
Luckly there was a ledge I could land on as I did not feel like descending directly into the sump.
Once all down Dan was volunteered to cross the sump where he got half way before running out of ledges. I got bored and traversed at a waist deep level through the sump and under Dan (added duck) to emerge on the otherside of Paradox Pond. The others followed and we made the arduous journey to the 7 metre up pitch.
At this point, looking at my watch, I realised I was going to run out of time and made a hasty retreat not wanting to miss my TV appearance. I exited at 2:40pm and the others at an estimated time of 4pm. It was a fine little day out, if only I had more time.

2nd May 2010 – Penyghent Pot
Very dry down old Penyghent and 3 of us got to the sump and back in 5hrs climbing all the rift pitches apart from Flake, Rob started climbing Niagra but came unstuck and self marooned himself lol!
On the way out we climbed all the rift pitches again and Rob even climbed half of the 3rd pitch. Great trip and just as we got changed and set off home the heavens opened!

25th April 2010 – Swinsto Hole – pull through
A team of six assembled in Kingsdale (to introduce people not yet members), overlooking a very dry valley. A pleasant stroll to the entrance was had and we were soon underground, with Dunc rigging and Mike instructing.
No real issues were had and we made steady progress through the cave, utilising an in-situ rope to climb out of the stream and emerge from Valley Entrance.

17th April 2010 – Out Sleets Beck Pot
Pete said he will be writing a full trip report in due course but basically we bottomed it, I rigged the first pitch (which includes a
traverse, I still need a lot more practice, however). The cave was very sporting and very clean washed quite a magnificent cave. We passed the
canal & squeeze, then the wet crawling to the final choke near the surface (A spider was seen indicating how close we were).

16th April 2010 – Lancaster Hole
Ron and I went down Lancaster Hole. Had a quick peek up to see the Colonnades before heading to Fall Pot. Put a rope down the hole before reaching FP proper which I assume is the Craptrap? Abseiled down to the main streamway. Followed this upstream till it closed down somewhere past Stake Pot (according to my translation of NC3 afterwards)
Minor faff by me with the spaghetti prusiking back up to top of Fall Pot on the way out. Down and out in 4 hours. Glorious sunshine and so much nicer than being sat in work.

10th April 2010 – Birkwith Area (Dismal-Old Ing, Coppice)
Full trip report.
First trip of the day (after Alex was sent to investigate Coppy Gill Exit) was Dismal Hill to Old Ing – via the original entrance of course. Headed downstream first before going back upstream to reach the fixed rope traverse.
Some fun rope antics were had before a final climb up some pegs leads to Swift Falls Chamber (very nice), up the cascade to the canal, short back-track to the low connection back to normal Old Ing.
Once out we walked over to Coppice Cave for another through trip, a little smaller and a little wetter but still a short but enjoyable cave. We emerged out of Exhumation Hole.
The final cave on the list was Sikes Cave, bit of a trudge but the ‘imposing’ entrance soon loomed into view, crawl past flood debris to more crawling failed to inspire us so we headed out before reaching the end!

2nd April 2010 – Ireby Fell Cavern
Full trip report. A two man team making use of some in-situ ropes (thanks Dave) to drop down to Duke Street, then up and along Skylight Passage to emerge in the canal and thus Duke Street II.
After a brief scrat about in here we headed out, just a bit before it started to rain..

27th March 2010 – Short Drop Cave
Rick, Alex, Patsy Paul and Myself feasted at Inglesport, Paul Hired some kit Patsy Hired a Lamp (I had broken hers apparently). Off to rig a
rope down Gavel, minor faffing off to Short drop, Patsy started with hill plant allergy slept in car. The rest of us went down Short Drop,
Alex rigged the traverse we had a look around the big open pit ohhd and aahhd a bit, Paul & Rick realised that beer time was dwindling and
made off up Gavel derigging as they went, Alex and I derigged the traverse and Short drop, I got minor lost, we went to pub it was shut.

14th March 2010 – Ogof Craig a Ffynnon
Full trip report.
A short afternoon trip for a group of four to the pretty Hall of the Mountain King and back again.

13th March 2010 – Ogof Draenen (War of the Worlds) photos
Full trip report.
A gaggle of seven somehow assembled opposite the Lamb and Fox after our Asda breakfast, where Damian was eagerly awaiting us.. Once down through the entrance we were soon making “typical Draenen”
progress – dry, warm, big passages, bouldery floors, with a dash of crawling thrown in for good measure. On our way to War of the Worlds we admired The Snowball, a fine formation along with a few other
bits and bobs of pretties. The Reactor was a nice chamber, WOW was a pretty large passage and worth seeing. We took in a short detour on way back to visit; Players Tunnel and St.Davids Hall (amazing flat roof!)

Me and Pete emerged into a fairly chilly evening just as the sun was going down, soon followed in dribs and drabs by everyone else.

13th March 2010 – Notts 2
A group of six (Me, Mike W, Chris Kelly, Ron, Patsy and Charles) met in Ingleton before heading off to a sunny Leck Fell. For three of the party, this was to be their first trip into Notts 2.
From Inlet 13 we first headed downstream (missing out Inlet 14) before four of us climbed up into Gour Inlet for a good poke about in there (plenty to go at in there) whilst Patsy and Charles opted for the easier option of
the downstream sump. We then headed upstream and took in Estonia (very nice – thank you Duncan for the suggestion) before returning to the trade route to the upstream sump where we had
a bit of a scrat about. We then returned to have a look in Curry Inlet before making our way out.
Mike S

5th March 2010 – Low Douk Cave

A two man team arrived at Masongill in the dark and then had a two hour trip in Low Douk cave via the new entrance, Alex
was sent down every nook and cranny to investigate while I waited in the more spacious streamway. Alex was also shown the pitch way in which is now larger
through the crawl and the bottom of the pitch has 3 ways on instead of two?? The passage to the choke near Kendal Extensions has a 30ft dug passage around the
static sump at present! A good trip just a shame nobody else turned up.

27th February 2010 – Bull Pot of the Witches
Full trip report.
Decided to head to the downstream stuff first, free-climbing both “pitches”, did both the Wet and Dry Ways and admired the downstream sump.
The inlet Alex insisted we look up was Kerplunk Inlet (and it goes further than we got!) Got to see the Monolithic Towers and trudged along the
impressive Far Gallery, up a slippy rope climb to where it finally chokes. Headed back, wandered over to Burnetts Great Cavern then onwards to Gour Chambers, also did that awkward climb into the higher chamber.
Pete who had been up there before waited whilst me and Alex had a nosey. After nearly 4hours pootling around (hard to believe, but we did!) we exited, Pete went home, me and Alex went to The Three Horsehoes only to find it shut, so went in the Heifer instead.

21st February 2010 – Winnats Head Cave photos
Early morning snow meant an interesting drive down, including returning to the ‘Wanted’ so Rob could ditch his van and all proceed in Duncs car along the snowy road to Winnats Head.
After much faffing parking we got changed and enjoyed the long walk to the cave. Some crawling brought us to the Main Chamber and the start of the chokes,
these brought us to the very impressive Fox Chamber and more clambering down chokes. Including an entertaining drop or two. At the sump we headed through the sewer to the up-pitches.
At the top Rob headed upwards some more, faffing before coming back down again to set about rigging the down pitches. Rob, Pete and Dunc rigged with Alex attending to some de-rigging.
Due to the cold wet nature of the pitches we didn’t hang around and soon emerged into a chilly day, complete with snowball fight. Roads clear meant an easy drive home, via the Wanted Inn of course.

13th February 2010 – Long Churn Caves photos
As Pete and Ron did not turn (Ron had already made his reservations clear anyway) I was forced to try and find something to do. It was such
good weather today well it was not raining, so I should have known noone would turn up. BlackRose only seems to turn out when it’s pissing
it down or snowing.
Digging, no, not brought my old oversuit and I did not want to wreck my new one so that was out. I had very little tackle of my own so anything with SRT which is not already rigged was out and I had no mobile charge to leave a call out, so if it was to be solo it would have to be easy.
Anyway I heard Craven were doing Washfold near Alum so I headed over there. I got to the Alum pot
lane, however no one was there, so I hung around a bit. They did not turn up, so its not just the Blackrose it seems who are useless when keeping appointments.

As I was already there, there was nothing for it but to do the Churns as I had the place to my self. I
first popped into the Black and White house to pay my 50p. My honesty was cosmically rewarded as along the way I found £2, so I actually made a profit paying for access.

I headed up to the Churns and spent the next two hours exploring every nook and cranny I could find
taking photos of anything along the way, including some of the crawls and squeezes I explored that were off the beaten track. I would often follow one and I would find it ended up in the main stream further down, I hardly did any of the stream way on my way towards Upper Churns. The last inlet I followed however, which was about 50 metres down stream of the upper entrance known as “Milners” inlet did not re-join the main stream. It went on and on for about 100 metres, most of it was flat out and in c-c-ccold water. I pushed it to the end which ended in a cobbled choke which I then cleared but then the ceiling came too low to the floor. It was very cold to reverse but I was soon out and out like a shot up that waterfall like a I had a poker up my bum in an effort to try and warm up again. I jogged half the way back to the car and got changed in the car as I am a wimp when it comes to cold nowadays, getting old you see nearly 28.

30th January 2010 – Cow Pot (Aardvark Country)
Full trip report. The harder trip of the day, with another four people, although only two made it all the way, the other two gave up just before the tight rift before the second pitch. The remaining two enjoyed an interesting and quiet way down this pothole, with plenty of ant-ics (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

30th January 2010 – Bull Pot of the Witches
Four people, including two novices undertook the long walk to this classic little hole and had an enjoyable time. Later joined by two extras very briefly after they abandoned the Cow Pot trip.
The day was finished off with refreshments in the Whoop.

23rd January 2010 – Christmas (New Year?) Party
This years venue for our annual dinner (and drinks..) was The Station Inn. A most “interesting” of times was had, we await a full report.

23rd January 2010 – Knacker Trapper Hole photos
Full trip report. A somewhat damp and loose trip to take in the upstream sections and fine formations.

16th January 2010 – Storrs Cave
A few days before our planned trip to Lost Johns-Boxhead the reasonable amount of snow that had fallen was starting to melt due to rain. To add further to the high water levels it was also raining today.
Much discussion took place in the cafe, money was spent, finally somebody made the decision to go to Storrs Cave and undertake in a spot of digging.

2nd January 2010 – Diccan Pot
Full trip report.
The planned trip to FOUL Pot was abandoned due to the weather situation (snow), so a short and pleasant trip in this ever wet and draughty pothole was had instead! Emerged into a blizzard and had fun on the drive home..