29th December 2011 – Crackpot Cave
Full trip report.
After the Windypits the day before we fancied something different, in fairly wet conditions we headed to this short but classic Swaledale cave.

28th December 2011 – Windypits (Ashberry Pits and Noddle End)
Full trip report.
For something different and away from the usual Dales trips we headed to North Yorkshire Moors and visited three Windypits; Ashberry 1 & 2 along with Noddle End.

27th December 2011 – Lost Johns’ to Notts II (pull-through)
A pull through down Lost Johns’ then headed upstream into the High Level Lyle Caverns and onwards through the very recently opened connection to Bruno Kranski’s in Notts II, followed by a simple clamber up the scaffolding to exit.

14th December 2011 – Notts II to Cupcake (ish)
Full trip report.
A midweek visit to undertake a through trip from Notts II to the recently-ish opened Cupcake entrance, however one vital piece of equipment wasn’t where it was supposed to have been resulting in a return trip taking twice as long as the original plan!

11th December 2011 – Ingleborough Cave (family trip!)
A family outing to pay a visit to Santa in his grotto, a dry and cloudy stroll, a pleasant 45 minute trip. See you next year Mr.C

10th December 2011 – Ireby Fell Caverns
Alex, Dan and I met in Inglesport before heading to a snowy Masongill. Original plan was to follow the Overshadow route down to the main stream. However, following coversations with Mr Ramsay, it became aparrent that if he couldn’t fit down that route, there was little point in me trying. Permission granted to use ropes on Bubbles soon saw us pootling around back to the foot of the overshadow pitch.

Back in the main stream, Alex and Dan stayed low whilst I went high figuring I’d be able to drop back into the stream at some point. When the point finally came, it looked decidedly tight. A bit of yelling for Alex and Dan to backtrack soon saw Alex appear below me (after a bit of a climb up from the stream) however with most of my SRT kit off – it still looked awkward so a retreat was made to pick up the trade route through the crawls.

Once we were all back together we headed for Well pitch where Alex and Dan opted for the traverse across the top whilst I dropped down and then back up at the other end to reunite in Alex’s camp where he gleefully found his descender and krab.
The intrepid pair then set off to recce a higher level passage whilst I sat and relaxed until they returned. Once back we began the return journey – passing a team from BPC who kindly gave permission to exit via their ropes on the trade route pitches.

3rd December 2011 – Long Churn Cave / Alum Pot
Neil, Chris K and myself visited a very wet Alum Pot. Entering via the middle entrance we headed down to dolly tubs pitch. All three down the pitch to be awestruck at the sight of the waterfall in full flow. We rigged the righthand route down to the greasy slab whilst Neil watch proceedings from above. Along the traverse and down the bridge, we rigged directly under it to drop down at the foot of the cascade ahead of the final pitch – bloody cold, windy and wet, so we headed straight back out, changed in biting wind and retired to the Station for a pint and a Pie – same landlord it would appear. No sign of the cleaner though LOL

19th November 2011 – BRCC 10th Anniversary trip; Gaping Gill photos
Full trip report.
Much discussion took place on the forum trying to arrange a suitable trip to celebrate 10years, eventually a multi-entrance GG trip was suggested. Yet more discussion about who was going where then took place, the outcome being;
Main Shaft, Dihedral, Rat Hole, Corkys and Bar to be rigged..

9 of us arrived in Clapham and after getting changed we sorted out the mountain of rope and headed for GG. The trips that took place were (listed as in-out-in-out):
Main-Dihedral-Main-Rat. Rat-Corkys (x2). Bar-Bar-(top of main). Bar-Dihedral. Corkys-Bar. Corkys-Dihedral. Dihedral-Dihedral-Bar-Bar. Walk-Surface-Relaxing.

12th November 2011 – BRCC 10th Anniversary meal and drinks
9 members of the BRCC along with many OH’s turned out for this event, at the Black Horse Hotel, Grassington. Food, plenty of drink and some singing to finish the day off – a fine evening of fun!
Thanks must go out to: the Black Horse for having us. Rob for organising the venue. Marie for making the cake and Mike for his icing skills. The entire membreship of the BRCC past and present for making us what we are today.
Here’s to the next ten……

12th November 2011 – Dowkabottom Cave
Rick had to pull out due to door problems, so I had to do my own little trip. I went down the main cave first. I don’t know why, maybe because I was on my own but for the first 30 minutes of the trip I could not help but feel nervous. Anyway that went away once I reached the main chamber.

I followed the water and went through a very cold wet crawl (The water was flowing strongly and quite deep) I reached the choke and though there was a nice pile of stacks, they don’t seem to have gotten anywhere with there dig.
I had a look down a few side passages nothing of real interest, but the main cave was nice and nicely decorated it is just a pity about all the graffiti, though I managed to clean a scrawl someone did in mud.

6th November 2011 – Witches II Cave (Shuttleworth Pot)
4 of us appeared at Inglesport and after a brew we headed up to a warm and sunny Leck Fell, yes i did say warm!
A swift change and we walked down the hill sticking to the wall and then at the loose slope we striked a diagonal line towards Shuttleworth walking straight to it!

A quick trip down and once at the bottom Mike and Ron went up the Ramp while me and Chriss headed down to the sump, round the bridge and up the ramp the other side, chriss looked at the passage on the left and we both headed into Zig Zag, we then headed back down and then up the ramp the other side to look at the pretties, very very nice examples and dare i saw th ebest formations in yorkshire! we then caught up with Mike and Ron and took some pictures and looked at the dog skeleton. Me and Chriss then headed back so he could have a look up the rope we passed. With Ron passing by saying he needed a rope for Mike to get out of The newt passage we headed back and down to have a look ourselves. We all free climbed back out without the rope!
Heading back I waited at the top while they all went to look at the sump and take pictures, we then made our exit to a warm and sunny Leck Fell again!

30th October 2011 – Cow Pot (Aardvark) to Wretched Rabbit
Full trip report.
A three man team headed down Cow and into the Aardvark series for a pull-through, found all three pitches with in-situ gear, headed up a sporting main stream and eventually exited via Wretched Rabbit.

29th October 2011 – Bull Pot (Kingsdale)
Planned novice trip did not happen so we went to Bull Pot (Kingsdale) as Chris K and Mike W had never been before. We were joined by Mark Hodgson whom we met a few weeks earlier in Aquamole.
All down to the sump and back out in just under 2 hrs – would’ve been quicker if it wasn’t for a lethargic White LOL

22nd October 2011 – Hangman’s Hole
Full trip report.
Only two people available for this classic trip. The obvious choice for a hard trip near Ingleton, requiring little gear and not particularly weather dependent.
The ominous threat of loose rock is present throughout the cave, but the psychological difficulties Hangman’s causes are probably worse than the physical ones.

15th October 2011 – Hagg Gill Pot
Full trip report.
Five bodies undertook a trip in this fine cave, every nook and cranny was ferreted out..

8th October 2011 – Jingling Pot photos
Mike rigged direct, Alex got some rigging practice on Gully Traverse into Lateral Cleft, Dunc went down direct and started faffing with camera and flashes, Mike exited with two frogs and joined Chris and Alex down LC. Chris went down the last pitch, whilst Mike exited LC.
Dunc exited LC derigging as he went, Chris and Alex exited direct and Mike went down again to come back out and derig!
Chris and Alex also had a quick jolly through Jingling Cave.

2nd October 2011 – Dow Cave to Providence Pot
Full trip report.
Chris met Alex, Dan and Daz in Kettlewell and it was raining far more than we would have liked so we opted for Dowbergill Passage in the opposite direction to the way we’d done it before. It’s a great trip, probably fractionally harder this way than Providence to Dow.

25th September 2011 – Pasture Gill Pot photos
I rigged 1st, 2nd and 3rd showing Rob the alternative route to the water. I rigged out of the left window rather then right, finding a re-belay far out and to the left, 1m down that dropped us all the way to the floor of the third (with a deviation to avoid too much wetting).
Rob took over for the forth showing me his alternative route over the top rather than down the gully.

A relative easy time was had through the rift & Tadpole passage, water was quite low. Dropped 5th and bypassed 6th after a bit more a rift and then a very low wet bit we were soon in Forest Passage. Beautifully decorated with not just tree routes but some nice calcite formations, which included in some cases the tree routes them selves.
We dropped the last pitch and headed out, according to Rob one of the spits is rubbish, this is not the only one that is so in the cave. The 4th had a rubbish one as did one on the first.

The trip out was a bit more noteworthy, I managed to get my welly stuck in the rift below 4th my pantin preventing me from removing it. I could not simply remove my foot from the welly as it was floating in the air below the rock and would just drop to the floor, lost for ever.
However, with a helping hand from Rob, to hold my welly I extracted my self from the welly and the embarrassing position. All was going well after that and we soon both emerged on the surface at around 3:30pm, but Rob had a nagging feeling something was wrong. He checked his gear and he was right he had left his and my spanner at the bottom of the entrance pitch. Oh well I was not bothered it was actually sunny for once and I enjoyed the sun and the views and was also glad he noticed here and not at the bottom of the hill as I would do.

10th September 2011 – Aquamole Pot (+Long Gour Cave)
Full trip report.
Three descended Aquamole, two went down the big pitch whilst one went solo up One Arm Bandit and up a fair few avens! (see report for a rough elevation)
Afterwards a solo visit to Long Gour was had where the entrance was shored a little to hopefullyprevent further slumping.

3rd September 2011 – Valley Entrance – Toyland
Stuck for ideas the surprisingly rather vast cave system in upper Vally entrance was choosen for a good mouch around.
Up the first rope climb and through a slot over an easy traverse brings you out into a rather large chamber which is after reading the survey the Toyland we were looking for. From there we went up a calcite slope then a few climbs and a short pitch lead us to another very tall rift chamber. We explored beyond here via a stooping crawlway, through a quick duck which broke out surprisingly into more large passage, which however was short lived. Up another few climbs the passage degenrates and after a aven which I half climbed it degenerated further into very tortuousness rift passage, which I did not push (now solo) all the way.

Back tracking we went down the climbs below toyland and headed to carrot passage down a very strongly drafting hole, still no idea where all that wind was coming from, perhaps it was the beans with breakfast? After 100m of crawling (some flat out) a chamber with three ways on was met (Tri Chamber?) Mike explored one and I explored two others (one sumped, one continued) I came back (almost) and asked Mike to come down my passage but his legs had, had enough. I then spent an hour exploring this passage which was infact carrot passage, the formation that gave it, its name is alive and well.
I finally reached the end after 500m of crawling though the canal on the survey at the end appears to be no longer there, the slope just ends in solid dirt. I met Mike in the roof tunnel who had done some exploring of his own elsewhere.
My knees certainly felt that 1km (round trip) of crawling, all I can say is oww as I stand up lol.

People Present Mike & Alex
Weather: Drizzle on way in, chucking it down on way out. Water on short pitch noticeably higher but I would guess this was probably an all weather place.

27th August 2011 – Lancaster Hole (Girders and Graveyards) photos
A day of indecision and lethargy! We finally plumped for a nosey around Lancaster Hole, taking in the Graveyard. Once down (only people down here, only one other group down County, quiet again) we reached Bridge Hall and decided to do the Girder Route back towards the entrance, just to see what it was like.
After a bit of ferreting we were faced with a climb up to rejoin the usual route (a little slippy but not too hard, at least it wasn’t after I’d moved my camera tub out of the way!!) – one small offbeat round trip completed.
Then it was off to the Graveyard for a nosey about, Dunc tried a spot of photography (batteries or flashes playing up a little, then they wasn’t – most strange) whilst Alex and Pete looked at the Bridge Hall connection. After a short while we were off to Stump Cavern, at a junction Alex disappeared right and entered the Stump Cavern Extension.
Dunc and Pete waited for his return and he gave tales of easy passage leading back to the Graveyard. So we followed, for a round trip, it was a muddy, slippy, crappy passage that finally debouched into a small stream passage, a short distance away, up a climb, was the Graveyard.
Headed out, Alex went down the connection whilst Dunc and Pete headed out. A while after Alex appeared having pushed the loose connection back to the Graveyard and went back up the pitch again for another round trip!

21st August 2011 – Witches II (Shuttleworth Pot) photos
Full trip report.
Just two people headed to this recently opened gem. Straightforward descent with a couple of short drops climbed (rather than SRT) then the spacious Divers’ Pitch which drops down the side of the big passage, plenty of fine formations and sediments etc (plenty of tape to protect them too, let’s hope it works, although some clumsy big footed oaf has already trampled on a mud floor.)
After some photography (with a bit of video thrown in) we set off out.

20th August 2011 – Tatham Wife Hole

A team of three strolled or was that slogged up the hill and had an easy trip in as far as the duck and then ambled back out..

6th August 2011 – Bull Pot (Kingsdale)
Full trip report.
A nice friendly cave was transformed in minutes to a most hostile environment. Kingsdale Beck was a torrent when we got out..

31st July 2011 – Crescent Pot
A pleasant trip to the sump for Rob and the Passage of Outer Slime for Pete. Very dry trip apart from the duck which was no worse than say Crystal or Borrins. The top of the 5th pitch was passed easily as were the other awkward bits.

25th July 2011 – Crystal Cave to Bucket on the Head photos
Midweek madness with just Dunc and Pete in attendance for an enjoyable through trip. Certainly a little wetter than last time, counted 10 ducks this time! 2.5 hours again, but with time spent on a few photos (none of Bucket really, must go and photo those ducks and helictites in there, from the Bucket side methinks)
It was dark when we got out, summer caving and dark exits, it’s the future.

23rd July 2011 – Aquamole Pot
Events of interest: Mike bought a new Super Fast Rope of death ™ for the last pitch, which made me a softy as I used a soft lock to go down.
Dan forgot he was de-rigging and had to go back down the big bottom pitch.
Mystery metal objects fell down the entrance pitch, one was a 3A battery but where it came from was unknown and what were the other things, Mike dropped?
Dan managed the trip without adding to his injuries, me too, at least until I got home and almost sliced my finger off. I should not be allowed knives. Those Petzl ones are bloody sharp!
Mike, Dan & Me (Alex)

10th July 2011 – Crescent Pot
Full trip report.
It was a cracking trip even though I was dreading the return due to a very wet pitch, an awkward pitch head or two and lots of tight crawling, but we persevered to the top of 7. Rob went a little bit further and went down to look at the Duck and out we went (not sure on the weather). Three and a half hours long trip. A return may well be on the cards.

9th July 2011 – Valley Entrance
A planned trip for 4 novices became a well watered trip for 2.
We (Mike W and I) met Laura and Steph in the usual haunt of Inglesport Cafe for a bite to eat before heading next door to Bernie’s for hire of kit – bad mistake!!! With BBC filming the Collonades for Countryfile the previous day, pretty much all of the available hire kit had only just been returned and still dripping and flat batteries. A massive hat’s off to Mr Whitney for eventually managing to cobble some clothing together for the two girls.

Helmets procured from Inglesport and we were on our way to Kingsdale. Parking at Braida Garth, it was immediately apparent that it was going to be a damp trip as the beck was in full flow. We quickly changed and headed underground before another group (already changing when we arrived) beat us to it.

Initially, the water level at the entrance didn’t appear to be anything unusual, however, once into the roof tunnel proper, water became thigh deep in places. The pitch into the master cave was soon reached and a ladder and lifeline rigged.
Mike W was dispatched first to check on the water levels – welly deep came the response. Laura descended next quickly followed by Steph then myself. We then headed upstream to the master junction. The cascades were sporting to say the least but good fun seemed to be had by the girls.

At the master junction we agreed to head towards Swinsto final chamber and the Great Aven. A bit of mistaken route finding saw us enter the aven via the low and extremely wet (on the day) Philosopher’s Crawl – even so, the novices did remarkably well and took the whole thing in their stride.
After a quick wander around in the Great Aven, we descended the choke and dropped into East Passage to make our way back to the master junction. As we were all starting to feel the cold, a decision was made to make our way back to the surface.

Back at the pitch, it didn’t take long for everyone to ascend with both Laura and Steph showing better ability on a ladder than some of our members LOL. Once gear was packed, the novices were sent forth to lead the way back to daylight and welcome warmth of the sun.
Mike S

2nd July 2011 – Lancaster Hole to Maracaibo photos
Fine weather, four people, one photographic trip. Down Lancaster, then decided to try the Crap Trap as a means of reaching the main stream (mainly because we hadn’t gone that way before!).
Easy strolling upstream in a reasonably dry streamway to Oxbow Corner. Once here we headed into Maracaibo to admire the fine decorations, some time was spent photographing at various points in this passage before we finally headed out.
(and we won’t mention Graham and the helmet incident..)

25th June 2011 – New Rift Pot
After brain picking in Inglesport, two of us decided to take a calculated risk and descend Rift and try and head through to Large Pot via the mousehole bypass. An extremely wet Masongill lane gave an unwarrented impression of how wet the entrance crawl would be. Once into the crawl, there was a little more water flowing than usual but nothing to be of concern. Route 66 pitches were a tad wet on the descent – on the return we opted for the 2nd rope up to the rebelay rather than brave the full flow of the water.

A nice scrat about was had before we dropped into the crawls to the mousehole – out of curiosity I dropped down to have a look at the duck. With a good 3 – 4 inches of airspace available I slipped in and was soon out of the other side and into the the Eldon extensions, calling for Chris to join me.

We carried on to Necropolis and had a look at colossus from the “other” end before back tracking and exploring various nooks and crannies en-route. We tried to find the connection from the Large side with plenty of ferreting, strangulation (another story LOL) and hair-raising acrobatics by Chris to enter a small tube.
We never found the connection and by the time we’d come back through the duck we couldn’t be arsed going through from the Rift end – leave for another day was the consensus.
We headed back to Coates Cavern and made an uneventful return to a murky and drizzly surface.
Mike S

11th June 2011 – Grey Wife Hole
I met Alex in Inglesport at 8.30 and we set off up the hill to Grey Wife. We didn’t find it immediately but once at the right height the shake hole is obvious.
It’s a nice cave with some squeezes, short pitches, a swim and a flat out duck right at the end. Alex took a few photos of the well decorated section beyond Jim’s Traverse.
Chris S

8th June 2011 – Rift Pot
Two lonely lads sat in the deserted cafe waiting for the rain to stop before heading off up Masongill to have a look down Rift and to do a bit of digging. The journey out was sped up by using both ropes to ascend the pitch.

4th June 2011 – Gillgarth Cave, Fell Close South, Borrins Moor (through and Hydrophobia) photos
Full trip report.
An obscure days caving was required and this fitted the bill. Four assembled at Alum lane and headed off for the “invigorating” Gillgarth Cave, looked at entrance of S51,
then on to Simon Fell Cave, then P25, Fell Close South, Upper Borrins Moor, into Borrins Moor and up Hydrophobia Inlet, before a quick visit to Upper Long Churn for an easy finish!

2nd June 2011 – Nenthead- Caplecleugh to Rampgill mine
We met in glorious sunshine at Nenthead Mines and got changed then headed into Caplecleugh. Steady progress all the way to the calcite ladders then up we went following the normal route a little while until a suitable ore chute was found with a ladder in it.
Up we went and explored the flats then back down and via a short detour as Chris was leading and missed the turning, ended up at a shaft with a lot of water coming in. We then headed through Wheel flats to Prouds sump. From the bottom all ways were explored until there was nothing left to do but head out with Chris enjoying the hanging ladder of doom!
A quick look down Brewery Shaft (only top 2 lights on) we emerged into 21 degree sunny bliss. Finished off with a drink in the Turks Head waiting for Alex to arrive…..

28th May 2011 – Flood or Marilyn to Stream Passage Pot
5 attended and waited in Inglesport until the weather was more forgiving! 2 went in Wades (Flood by accident) to Main Chamber to Mud Hall and 3 via Marilyn, Mud Henslers to Mud Hall.
We then showed Alex the hidden passage and then had a look around Main Chamber to jet wash the mud off! We then headed out via a very moist Stream Passage followed by a pint in the New Inn.
Thanks, as ever, to the BPC for rigging these entrances.

21st May 2011 – Greater Nenthead Traverse (Caplecleugh to Nentsberry Haggs) photos
Full trip report.
After gaining vague knowledge over the years and a recce of Caplecleugh to Rampgill last year the scene was finally set for the big one, the Greater Nenthead Traverse. Seven of us assembled at Nenthead and were soon underground (long walk to the start!)
The route is a varied mixture of easy walking passage, thigh training walking in slightly deeper water, clambering through falls, occasional deep water; including the lengthy cold and deep water on the Brownley Hill Horizon.
Four pitches (all down thankfully) of varying depth, some ladders of dubious vintage and wobbliness going both up and down. Dunc had strange problems with his camera. Exited after 6.5-7hours. Luckily we’d parked a vehicle at the exit to save a 1.5mile walk back!
Alex and Daz kindly volunteered to retrieve the rope from the ~40m pitch (for some reason we didn’t have a long enough rope to pull through). The day was polished off with a pint in Alston.

3rd May 2011 – Ringle Mill Cave
A midweeker was hastily organised to somewhere that needs a dry spell.. Three took up the challenge. Alex being the thin-man was sent in the obvious entrance and declared all ways on too small.
The semi-choked slope to the side had to be dug open to gain access to the cave – numerous ways on were looked at in the generally low cave (crawling, sometimes flat-out, sometimes hands and knees)
Didn’t get too far due to no survey (the NC description we had read prior to the trip proved worthless) and limited time, at least next time we’ll have a better idea of what’s what!

29th April 2011 – County Pot to Wretched Rabbit photos
Well not much to say about the trip, other than the novices seemed to enjoyed it and I was rather impressed with their caving prowess having not done hardly any caving before.
We laddered County and followed the usual route towards Gypsum caverns. White Line passage has had all the tat removed so we lifelined and lowered people down the pitch, a few of us free climbed it. The climb beyond that had no tat on it either.
I can’t describe the exact route from there, as Ease Gill still confuses me. I know we were a bit lost at one point expecting a sump/duck, but there was none so we missed the bypass and Mike crawled on through. Me and Rick back tracked and spotted the bypass for the novices as the other way on was very flat out.
There was some fun going up the slimy climb leading to Easter Grotto a little bit of video footage on my camera was taken of that. Returned via a short round trip and exited via Wretched Rabbit passage. I was sent to grab the ladder and exited the County entrance just as the others began to walk past.
People present: Dan J – WOW!, Rick – DOUBLE WOW!, Chris K, Mike S, Me (Alex R), Sam and Jo.

23rd April 2011 – Brown Hill Pot
Full trip report.
With a warm dry spell we opted for an East Kingsdale Classic. Just three of us headed (slogged?) up the fell in the warmth to Floyds Entrance and it’s knackered oil drums.
The first part of the cave provides the most challenge but once the first pitch is reached the going eases, passing the fine Gallerie Pas Mur and a brief bit of awkwardness in the crawl-traverse to the big pitch “Puits Ian Plant&quot.
And a very impressive shaft it is too!
From the bottom some easy traversing and then a pleasant section of streamway along Marmite to the final pitch and all too quickly, the sump. The cave is rigged with washing line at present (and has been for a few years..)
Then went to the Martian for a drink in the beer garden, where it was somewhat chilly.

16th April 2011 – Birks Fell Cave photos
Had a good but expensive breakfast in Kettlewell.
The route to the first pitch was longer than I remember with plenty of crawling made more awkward with all the tackle. Eventually we got there and rigged the pitch; it was here that Pete lost the description. Anyway, on we went, working from memory to the 2nd pitch. This takes a while also as there is plenty of boulder chokes to clamber through and various other obstacles to make life interesting before arriving at the pretty 2nd pitch.

From here there is more of the same, cascades, chokes, clambers and walking, some quite difficult before you reach the elbow bend. This is where many folk decided enough’s enough and head back. Naturally we carried on after a snack and a breather into the darker reaches that lead to Shale pitch. After a rifty section, you are greeted by crawling in water which is no barrel of laughs until you arrive at the gloomy chamber with Shale pitch leading out.

I remember this pitch well with it’s bizarre and unorthodox rigging so Pete and I consulted about what was best. Suggestions were made but to be honest, the only way to rig this is the same way as last time, rebelaying from an unconvincing flat piece of rock 3 metres below. After a bit of faff, we were all down and heading toward the parallel rifts to the slimy slit. Pete didn’t fancy the last section of rift, so Alex and I left him and carried on.
I went down the SS and Alex followed watching me sky dive down the free climb (5 metres), but he didn’t fancy the sky dive manoeuvre nor the climb back up. So alone I carried on to the DS sump through the deep water. It was here last time I turned back because I didn’t fancy getting drenched but today I thought I’d better finish the job.

Birks Fell is a long cave and I wasn’t relishing the journey out from the sump, but on we went, trudging slowly out. I was all ready to derig Shale pitch, waiting for Alex at the top. I asked him where the spanner was, to which he replied “attached to the rope”. It wasn’t (was this payback for his camera case in Hardrwakin?) I went down the very wet Shale pitch again to look for the spanner, krabs and bolts, but had no luck.
All in all, 5 bolts had to be left in situ.
Anyway, a fairly long trip by our standards at 7 hours, but a good effort nonetheless.

16th April 2011 – Swinsto Hole – pull through
A novice trip had been planned but unfortunately cancelled enroute meant that a change of plan was needed for Chris K and I. With limited rope we decided on a quick pull through of Swinsto was in order – a leisurely descent of the system saw us at Valley Entrance in just under 2 hours.
Mike S

10th April 2011 – Carlswark Cavern (Flower Pot to Gin, via Big Dig)
The original plan was to do a quick Flower to Gin through trip and then head over to Streaks, but we ended up spending a little bit longer in Carlswark than originally planned!

A 5m ladder was thrown down Flower Pot and a low crawl led to a chamber, we assumed right was the way to go (not knowing where Flower joins owing to using an old survey), this soon became rather small so we tried a small hole in the floor.
Success. A mixture of passages followed, including a couple of flat-out bits, a thrutchy wet bend before we reached a junction, Stal passage was one way, but Alex had decided he fancied a look at Big Dig!
Crawling, which becomes wet, passes some dubious looking wood before emerging in a pleasant streamway, we headed downstream along what is quite a lengthy and actually nice piece of passage.
Eventually the way lowered and became muddy grovelling, I stopped, Alex pushed on through a tight tube duck to find the sump not much further on.

Heading back upstream, still reasonably pleasant, passing “Gnome” Passage, before arriving at a very inviting looking sump.
Back out, quick nosey along Stal Passage, then over to Eyam Dale Shaft, before finally heading down to the Gin Entrance and a warm, sunny afternoon and a well earned drink in The Wanted.

2nd April 2011 – County Pot & Wretched Rabbit
Full trip report.

A team of six found conditions underground in County Pot to be extremely wet so headed back out and in Wretched Rabbit, taking in Stop Pot and Gypsum Caverns.

19 & 20th March 2011 – Exploration
Two days, two solo outings by two different people in pursuit of something new. Saturday; a small stream sink was once again looked at along with a couple of other features (further work needed to investigate the sites in question). Sunday; a shakehole that had been noted by someone was looked into and requires a lot of effort to gain ground.
Maybe a little disappointing but interesting all the same. Details, albeit very brief can be found on the other page of the exploration pages.

11th-13th March 2011 – OFD II & Ogof Craig A Ffynnon photos
Full trip report.
Arrived Friday evening at WSG, via the 24hr Tesco in Merthyr, had a few brief drinks and relax before bed called, although it was the usual chatty bedtime and late before some sleep was gained.

Early start.. OFD II, in and easy progress along the usual routes to Arete Chamber and onwards through Chasm, Poached Egg. Rigged traverse over Crevasse and pitch at far end. Mixed going brought us finally to The Traverses, after a quick nosey by 2, we headed back out.
Took in some “side passages” of walking size, we ambled back out via a different route from Chasm. Shorter than intended but enjoyable all the same.
Went shopping in Aberdare, back to cottage for chilli and beer! And some gurning.

Set off for breakfast in Asda, before heading to Craig a Ffynnon. A short stroll saw us underground and heading along pleasant and sometimes impressive passages before finally arriving at Hall of the Mountain King.
A fine chamber indeed, 3 set off for further things, while the remaining 4 noseyed up a side passage or two on the way back to the warmth! of the day.

19th February 2011 – Great Douk Cave & Pot, Hardrawkin Pot
Weather: snow, rain and cold of course
There was more discussion than I care to remember about where to go due to adverse weather so we decided to do a recce in Chapel le Dale. Alex and I took SRT kits but Pete couldn’t be arsed, nor did he fancy going down Great Douk pot again. We bottomed that (interesting little place) then headed up via Great Douk, popping out at Middle Washfold caves where Pete revealed a need for the toilet. I suggested a visit behind a nearby wall whilst Alex and I go and start Hardrawkin.

Wading through snow drifts, we found said pot and climbed down the waterfall. This was treacherous and I fell down it, not too badly though. I was already kitted so headed to the first pitch to have a look at the water levels which weren’t too bad. I then waited for Alex who had the sack and we debated how deep the pitch was; last time I was here it was rigged so I couldn’t remember. Bugger, first rope was too short, so up I came, quick re-rig and down again (it was fairly wet).
Again a very swift rigging of the second (as Alex was chilly), descent, glance at the sump and up again, with me de-rigging. In the process of removing water from the tackle sack, Alex’s camera slipped out into the stream and quickly disappeared down the pitch. Bugger again! Down again to retrieve the camera and case (now broken) and out to meet Alex at the top of the first pitch. He was wondering what had happened to me, so I had to deliver the sad news. Anyway, a few laughs and we headed out – to be greeted by none other than Pete looking shocked and bloodied.

Here’s what happened: Pete followed us after his business and proceeded down the same very slippery waterfall where I slipped earlier. He fell somewhat further though (5 feet?) twisting as he fell straight onto his left ribcage. Rock and bone don’t mix and he was quite badly hurt and he also gashed his left little finger in the action. As a result of pain, he coudn’t climb out so had to wait for us. Thankfully, Alex and I had only spent about 1hour 15 in the pot, so he hadn’t had to wait too long. In order to assist the injured man, we put a rope around his upper body and he climbed while we pulled and got him out.
Turned out it was bruising and swelling so not as bad as it could have been!

29th January 2011 – Far Waters via Small Mammal (Bar) Pot
Full trip report.
Seven assembled at Clapham and were soon heading up the track. Four down Small Mammal, the other three used Stile Pot (to speed up the entrance), from here we headed down the big pitch and through New Henslers, the Master Cave and along to the fine Echo Rift.
The Southgate duck was chilly, but passed quickly, lots of crawling with some nice passages took us to Far Waters. After some hesitation everyone made it through the very limited airspace ducks to gain the bottom of Hallucination Aven.

16th January 2011 – Sell Gill Holes “Dry” route photos
People Present: Duncan Jones, Alex Ritchie & Darren Jarvis aka Daz of etc.
Weather: Rain followed by more rain with a little bit more rain thrown in for good measure.

It was wet out, that was for sure. The river Ribble at Horton was threatening to burst its banks, the railway bridge leading into Settle was flooded. The rain however did not dampen our spirits and wet set off along up the path to Sell Gill.
We already decided earlier that I should rig so rig I did. Dropped down the first pitch no problem, with only a trickle going down. Dunc descended next and did a Dan and dropped his camera (in tub). Luckily it was only from 6 metres and his camera survived. We dropped the second pitch, with no issues, I rigged the Y-Hang quite far out to try and avoid the water.

Third pitch was different firstly I had to rig the second Y-hang right out, making it free hanging to try and avoid the water but even this did not work as half way down the water tried to take my wellies off. I decided it was not a good idea to go down any further and went back up.

Good job I did because the previously dryish 1st and 2nd pitches were no longer so, I can imagine what the third pitch would be like now. We got a good shower on the second one, where a new flow of water decided to gush down where the rope was. On the way out whilst hoping the first pitch would get a little dried I had decided to take a quick look at calcite way. We all gritted our teeth and pushed on up the first pitch to be greeted by on and off driving rain.

2nd January 2011 – Dow Cave (Caseker Gill extensions) film
Full trip report.

I had a great time in Dow exploring, contrary to what is on UKCaving the Hobson’s choice boulder choke proved not to be problematic (though care is needed as with any boulder choke).
The NFTFH description saw me through that. There was some confusion at the next chamber leading to a 20 minute accidental diversion up a dodgey slope. After that I had a good moouch round the extensions taking in rattle and sploosh and the mine workings around there as well as getting to where I thought was the end of the cave according to NFTFH but a survey tells me otherwise, I had the thing with me as well, oh well.
(I know exactly where the passage to the last bit is however, it looked like a right grovel). There was a few NFTFH climbs and moments in there so was a great trip.
Took loads of photo’s along the way. It took me 3 hours 40 to get to the end with all the exploration and photo’s and 20 minutes to get back out again lol. Total time 4 hours.