28th December 2008 – BRCC Christmas Gathering
A crowd of 16 descended on the Crown at Worthington. Food and drink was consumed with ease, particularly by those that were staying overnight.. A fine end to a fine year.

27th December 2008 – Dow Cave – Providence Pot
Full trip report. A small team assembled at Park Rash and trudged over the hill to Providence Pot. A mixture of stream and traverses was undertaken before emerging into a bright but chilly afternoon.

21st December 2008 – Mistral Hole
The planned novice day out was altered due to a damp spell which meant the back-up option was brought into use and that meant a Mistral mud-fest. 8 of us headed to the cave, unfortunately the trip was short with the standard route being taken to Hall of the Ten and Hall of the Mountain King with it’s usual fine muddy wonders.
The walk to and from the cave was chilly and a tad windy, Easegill was very slightly flowing, along with other signs of wetness this confirmed our choice of cave as the right one! Refreshments were enjoyed in the Whoop afterwards.

13th December 2008 – Pippikin Pot to Mistral Hole
A team of four descended Pippikin Pot and took in some fine mud formations before continuing onwards to exit Mistral.

6th December 2008 – Rat Hole and Ingleborough
Full trip report. A three man team went to GG, one without SRT kit so he went up Ingleborough instead, the now two man team examined Rat Hole and descended part way finding the place cold and damp. Rob exited via Rat Hole sink to expand upon the days enjoyment.

29th November 2008 – Bucket on the Head
Full trip report. A cold day in the Dales and a four man team assembled for this short (only because we didn’t do the upstream passages) but interesting caving trip in to this recent addition to Barbondales caves. Crawling, walking, climbing, a pitch and formations are all crammed into this cave.

22nd November 2008 – Growling Hole
Full trip report. Three man team made a trip to the bottom of this classic East Kingsdale pot, one made it part way.

8th November 2008 – County Pot to Wretched Rabbit
Full trip report. A split group descended County Pot, taking in Manchester Bypass and meeting at Holbeck Junction. A quick visit was made to Easter Grotto before heading out of Spiral Staircase / Wretched.

1st November 2008 – Notts 2 photos
Seven made the descent into this fantastic cave splitting up at the bottom to explore. Three of the party were Notts 2 virgins so visits to the usual sights (with the exception of inlet 5) ensued allowing opportunity for photographs along the way. Gour inlet was explored a little but became a little wet – maybe we should have tried to lower the water levels LOL.
Mike S

19th October 2008 – Croesor – Rhosydd
Full trip report. A team of 8 assembled in North Wales for this classic mine adventure. Dodgy chambers, dodgy boats, dodgy bridges all made for an entertaining through trip, which was likened to an underground version of Go Ape!

4th October 2008 – Lost Johns Cave & Boxhead Pot
We had a mountain of rope and a team of 6; 4 to go down Box and 2 down LJ. The forecast for rain didn’t materialise – until we had gone underground and it well and truly lashed it down instead meaning we all had a damp exit from the system whereupon we found it was still throwing it down.
Water levels going in were normal and Lost Johns and Boxhead were descended without problem, we passed each other at the bottom of Lost Johns. The Tube near Boxhead was even negotiated both ways, had we been any later this may not have been the case.
A fine, if damp, exchange trip.

28th September 2008 – Grange Rigg Pot
Full trip report.
A long walk up took us to the dry pot. An easy start leads quickly to the first pitch, soon followed by the second pitch (/climb). Short section of passage at a slightly faffy third pitch which is an easy handclimb down.
The fourth quickly follows and then we enter the most awkward section of the cave, Anemolite Crawl – which isn’t too bad, Battleship passed quickly then after Christmas Pot enters the caving is straightforward down the fifth (climb) and sixth pitches. We turned back at the loose boulders leaving the delights of the sump chamber for our Pay Sank trip (whenever that is)
Straightforward exit was made with only a bit of cursing from Alex! An entertaining 4 hours of caving.

14th September 2008 – Mistral Hole photos
Full trip report. With the weather uncertain a short solo-speleo trip was lined up in muddy Mistral to the pleasant Canyon and Far Streamways, plenty of mud, some photos and some poking around.

13th September 2008 – Notts 2
Full trip report. A photography trip to the Inlet 5 extension, whilst affording one “beaver” like (no pun intended) member the opportunity to scrat about in the numerous side passages.

6th September 2008 – Yordas Cave
Full trip report. The White Scar trip that was planned had to be cancelled due to the large amount of rainfall during the week and on the day! Eventually after much thinking we ended up having a wet time in Yordas.

24th August 2008 – Boggarts Roaring Holes
Full trip report. We had a permit for Penyghent Pot, the weather had other ideas! The backup plan was Boggarts and it’s extensions. Our two man team descended this obscure and recent (ish) new addition to Dales potholing quickly and efficiently.

2nd August 2008 – Ribblehead Ramble
Full trip report.  A merry band of seven assembled for a trip to the usual haunts in the Ribblehead area and a chance for some to see their first formations. Runscar 1, 2 and 3 for most followed by Scar Top and a solo trip for Alex through Thistle Cave.

27th July 2008 – Knacker Trapper Hole photos
Full trip report. A first for Chris, second for Dunc and third visit for Pete – we were going to the bottom this time! The weather and walk up was hot, the cave delightfully cool. Plenty of action in this cave, rigging off naturals, free climbs – all in all a very ‘happy’ outing.

7th July 2008 – Barbondale caving photos
Full trip report. The plan was Barbon Pot but this proved to a no-go, so we did Barkin Cave and looked in Crystal Cave to see how wet it was. We enjoyed some gill scrambling on the walk up and we did a fine through trip to finish the day off!!

4th July 2008 – Knacker Trapper Hole
Full trip report. We decided to have a quick trip to Knacker Trapper as the weather was favourable. This is a good sporting trip with rifts, crawls, climbs and pitches to negotiate ending up with a nasty little sump. Interesting rigging and Bosch Rift add particular interest.

20th June 2008 – Pippikin Pot to Mistral Hole
After Dan had left his bag at the climb (with camera) we organised a trip to retrieve it. The trip was made with SRT kits on all the way (to prove to ourselves that it could be done) and the rift was taken on head first using the stemple as a arm bridge on exit. This was considerably easier than feet first. The bag was collected and easy progress was made out of Mistral.

15th June 2008 – Top Sink to Pippikin Pot
Full trip report. The classic Easegill Traverse. Weather was dry (the walk over the fell was bone dry!) 6 of us headed down Top Sink and made steady progress along the traverse. We opted for a brief streamway session instead of the high level route, although Duncs knowledge was ignored near Oxbow Corner and we ended up going down some lesser travelled route (via Charybdis!) to the stream.
After much fun we arrived at Dusty Junction where a solo trip was started out of Mistral and the remaining 5 plodded on to the entertaining exit via Pippikin Pot!

8th June 2008 – Hunt Pot and Shrapnel Pot photos
Full trip report. The weather was warm and dry and after a long slog we arrived at the classic pothole entrance of Hunt Pot, with only a small amount of water tumbling down it. A quick down and up and then onto the more technical Shrapnel Pot.

31st May 2008 – Birks Fell Cave
Full trip report. Quote: “Cavers who get bored in Birks Fell Cave should begin the search for a different leisure interest” Mike Cooper, NFTFH – that sums it up quite nicely!

29th May 2008 – Disappointment Pot to Marilyn / Bar Pot / GG Winch
Full trip report. During a winch meet, 5 of us headed down Disappointment Pot, which the BPC had pre-rigged. A short free-climb leads into a thrutchy passage ending at the Portcullis, a test of nerve for some hydrophobes. Five pitches are followed in fairly quick succession with a particularly impressive chamber linking the 4th and 5th pitches. After a long muddy crawl (New Hensler’s Crawl) the foot of Bar Pot is reached and a familiar crawl into Gaping Gill main chamber. From here we parted, using the winch, Bar Pot and Marilyn’s as exit routes.

25th May 2008 – Flood Entrance Pot to GG Winch
Full trip report. A chance to have a pleasant trip into GG via Bar Pot (entrance rigged by BPC as part of their usual Spring Bank winch meet) – after some snaps we exited using the winch.

24th May 2008 – Hangmans Hole
Full trip report. This is an ominous sounding trip, but in reality is a relatively easy grade 5 cave. Pete, Daniel and myself headed up there, with Daniel forgetting his under fleece, concocting various other layers as a substitute. This trip was also an opportunity for Daniel to get a bit fitter for his Dachstein trip. The cave entrance is an awkward looking free climb, then down a long slope to another awkward looking slot down a small rift. This is 4.5 metres deep and has a constriction half way down. I had a look first, then Pete, then Daniel. Once a route was established, I went again. It is tight, but when you know when and how to bend your legs, it’s ok. The slot is immediately followed by a very low

bedding crawl through water. I cleared enough detritus to get through, Pete clearing even more to get himself through. This ends after about 8 metres, easing off eventually to hands and knees.
From here, you skirt over Bridge Pot (dead end), to Pedestal Pot, then Slot Pot. Simple natural rigging here, great practice. The route to Gallows Pot is made by descending the “Spanish Donkey”, a huge flake then a short squeeze through a rift. This isn’t too bad, so we were confused how Daniel got stuck! Gallows Pot is unstable at the top, but carefully traversing to the left and rigging from a massive block provides an easy descent. This descends into Gallows chamber, the most impressive part of the trip. A short distance down the boulders leads to the Executioner, a 16 metre pitch which begins with an awkward squeeze through the Collar. This is 2nd pitch Langstroth-esque, but again not too bad. Daniel decided not to descend, instead staying put to take piccies of us on the return. Once down, Pete and I took at the look at the very bottom via the Mangle, then headed out. With a few photos taken en route, an easy exit was made, with good teamwork pulling the
tackle bags through the slot. Once out, we headed down the hill (a bit more pleasant than the Jean Pot walk), got changed and had a quick pint in the Station Inn. Good day out.

18th May 2008 – Sunset Hole & Hardrawkin Pot & Great Douk Cave photos
The main events of the day. A group of 8 of us (who said BRCC was a small club!) undertook a quick photo opportunity before 4 of us headed into Sunset to rig two climbs and a pitch for the following 4 – 2 of which were novices. Arriving swiftly at the chamber we headed back out, leaving the rest to sample the delights of SRT before they headed off to Great Douk Cave. The 1st group of 4 headed to Hardrawkin, 1 made it to the top of the first pitch before heading out to try and find the others at Great Douk, 1 made it to the top of the second pitch before turning back (having seen the bottom before) and making the exit quicker rather than forming a queue at the main pitch. The remaining 2 made it to the bottom. An enjoyable days outing.

18th May 2008 – Solo-speleo esoterics in Chapel-le-dale
Arriving early I set about enjoying some of the areas esoteric gems. A quick stroll brought me to the wonderfully named ‘Was It Wet’. And, as for the question – no it wasn’t, not today anyway! After this I strolled past the Middle Washfold Caves and onto P97a – which turned out to have an attractive entrance.
Over the wall and I took a very quick look in Congress Cave, deciding I didn’t fancy it today so I moved swiftly on to Tit Pot, which I failed to find. From here I saw the rest of the group heading for Sunset so I took a quick nosey in P98a before heading over to Sunset Hole and meeting everyone else, see above for that trip.

15th May 2008 – Sleets Gill Cave
Full trip report. Good weather allowed a look at all its delights, including hyperthermia and hydrophobia passages. I continued alone into hydrophobia (since Chris was pretty tired) then up the infamous ramp (which is a death trap, I must say). Then I thought I may as well continue to the end, so made my way through a 4 1/2 metre free dive, through a load more low air-space canals/ducks to a final choked chamber. Hyperthermia passage is seriously intimidating, strenuous and cold – not for the faint hearted. The rest is relatively easy and a very enjoyable trip.

10th May 2008 – Pasture Gill Pot
It was very warm and we were sweating buckets on the walk up. After a bit of searching, we found a spit to rig from and so headed down the entrance pitches. I rigged the first 3, Pete rigged the big pitch down a new route; this is a very impressive shaft, 38 metres deep. There follows an awkward rift, up and over large blocks, including a couple of squeezes, then Tadpole Passage which wasn’t too bad or deep. This ends with the very small 5th pitch (4 metres), then the 6th which is by-passable, then a couple of hundred metres downstream via firstly a wet crawl and then Forest Passage to the 7th pitch. Quickly rigged, down, a quick look at the sump pool and back up again. Pete and I got to the bottom; Chris got to the top of the 7th, admiring the esoteric tree roots on the way and Eddie got to the bottom of the 6th. The exit had a few incidents: the spanner got ripped from my harness in a low wet crawl; I luckily found it on the return; a tackle sack fell down a tight rift which was impenetrable; I managed to concoct a means of snaring it with my cowtails/handjammer and D maillon. As a result, I damaged my D and so had to rig my harness with a krab.
Quite a good day’s efforts I reckon.

3rd May 2008 – Trapdoor Pot
Full trip report. A visit to this fine pothole, making use of the nice new anchors. Two man team, bottom and back in 4 hours, good stuff.

25th April 2008 – Link Pot to Wretched Rabbit
We decided to investigate further in Ease Gill with a view to doing a full traverse in the near future. So we rigged and went down Link pot, taking in Echo Aven, the Wormway, up the 88′ pitch, the Stake pot series, the high level stuff into Cornes, Snail and Monster caverns to Stop pot. Quite easy you’d think? No – we were sweating buckets after travelling at a hefty pace. From Stop we headed upstream to Holbeck junction and making our way into Pool Sink area through to the Spiral Staircase and out via Wretched Rabbit entrance. A cracking little trip which will stand us in good stead for an eagerly awaited trip from Top Sink to Pippikin Pot.

19th April 2008 – Otter Hole photos
Full trip report. A great trip in this superb cave. Five of us plus our leader headed into Otter and found the mud not as muddy as it usually is! We aimed for the eyehole rather than waiting for the sump to open further and made good time through a fine streamway and some entertaining chokes and higher passages.
Once in the high level passages the formations started to appear, what can we say, nice? lovely? wow? – the list goes on! We took in the sights of Hall of the Thirty and continued onwards to Long Straw Chamber and other very well decorated delights – all very good stuff.

19th April 2008 – Hardrawkin Pot
A pleasant trip was had in this fine Chapel-le-dale pothole.

12th April 2008 – Valley Entrance
Full trip report. A novice trip saw five of us head into an apparently empty Valley Entrance for an introduction to SRT and ladders before a stump up KMC to the Master Junction. Melt water flowing through the master cave and unbeknown to us, a bus pulling up outside soon made the pitch resemble Piccadilly Circus on a Friday evening rush hour, thus spoiling our planned trip somewhat.

5th April 2008 – Simpsons Pot – pull through
A team of seven assembled and undertook a bog standard pull through trip. All but two went directly through the slit, they opted for the slightly higher route instead.

28th March 2008 – Lancaster Hole (Stake Pot series)
With the weather having been wet overnight the four of us opted for Lancaster Holes Stake Pot series. The entrance was beautifully rigged and we set off to Fall Pot, Rob paid a quick visit to see how the Main Stream was (damp!) and then we made quick progress to the point where Stake Pot breaks off the high level passages.
Hazy memory served us well to Brew Chamber, whereupon some simple route finding (poking around) got us to the 88ft pitch. We could see the floor so we descended this fine shaft, curiosity led us onwards and with evidence of recent flooding and the water becoming about 1m deep we said our goodbyes to the lower series and made our exit into the gloomy evening.

25th March 2008 – Southerscales Pot
A trip organised via the UKCaving forum! A short trip was needed for a midweeker and as neither of us had been to Southerscales Pot before it seemed like a reasonable choice.. The canals and snow-melt seemed less appealing but we decided to get underground and ‘see how it goes!’ After a quick change we strolled around looking for promising holes; too small, choked – and so it went on until we gave it up as a bad job and hopped over the wall to the other entrance, which we found straightaway.
Once in we descended all the way to the sump, the pitches were rigged from naturals; Zoology Pot proving to be rather damp, side passages were explored a short way before we headed out via the much smaller original entrance.
The snow lying on the ground made the Dales pretty but made the water chilly in the cave – every Rose has its thorn as they say….

22nd March 2008 – Pippikin Pot to Bye George Pot
Full trip report. A classic trip between two of the more entertaining entrances of the Easegill system. In Pip and out via Bye George with the Backbreaker living up to its name!

15th March 2008 – Cow Pot
Full trip report. After someone had mentioned some passages near Stake Pot series that were worth a visit we decided to enter via Cow and go and investigate this corner of Easegill..

1st March 2008 – Marble Steps Pot
Full trip report. A cold, windy and showery day saw a return to Marble Steps with the aim of exorcising some demons. A hit and miss descent to the lower main chamber by all three of us, before making the return journey with a little sight seeing en-route.

23rd February 2008 – Lancaster Hole to County Pot
Full trip report. Recent wet weather forced us to change our original plan of Top Sink to Lancaster Hole. Once underground we had to opt for the dry high level route as the Main Stream was fairly wet!

17th February 2008 – Meregill Hole
Full trip report. A pleasant trip down a fine pothole, very dry too and we even had the privelege of the mere being down.

9th February 2008 – Old Rift Pot (Allotment)
Full trip report. The other trip of the day: A quick trip down Old Rift Pot with lots of loose rock and knackered spits! Then a quick trip into Long Kin East Cave.

9th February 2008 – Long Churn Cave / Alum Pot
Full trip report. A nice sunny day (for once!!!) made for a good alternative club trip to Alum Pot. With three members in attendance and one novice on his first ever SRT trip, the day was made even more enjoyable by the absence of the usual masses. There were no others heading to Alum as we made our way up the track but plenty of groups off for a play in the Churns. All four of us made it to the bottom with only one minor mishap before heading back out as other groups started to appear. Once changed, refreshments were procured back at the Wheatsheaf in Ingleton.

25th January 2008 – Vesper Pot
Full trip report. A windy walk up East Kingsdale and an uneventful trip to the bottom of Vesper Pot, excellent cave and and a good place to go when everywhere else is flooded.

19th January 2008 – Notts II
Full trip report. The non-SRT trip of the day. Was threatened by the weeks large volume of rainfall, but it actually turned out to be fine in the end!

19th January 2008 – Notts Pot
A warm Leck Fell! (Contradictory but true) We sorted out the heaps of rope and then after finding the entrance wetter than I have ever seen it we made our way to the bottom and back via Adamsons and Twilight Zone routes to a not so wet sump pool.
Excellent trip with no problems.

12th January 2008 – Alum Pot
Full trip report. A two man Main Shaft exchange and bottoming trip, with a short extra trip (jolly) into Long Churn Cave.

5th January 2008 – Bull Pot of the Witches photos
Full trip report. A short start to the year taking in the higher levels and Gour Chmaber, the lower levels were left to another day due to high water.