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    Just me and Shaman in attendance in keeping with the rules.

    It was a very nice Saturday, almost a little too nice to be underground, but under we went.

    We decided to explore a few holes on our way to Boundary.

    The first was Gelder hole. I have always heard the water descending here and it sounded inciting. A wet short climb led to a crawl which became flat out
    and then waterlogged, probably sumped.

    The next was Corner Sink: I remembered this going into the Ease gill system and I kept telling Chris we will be able to enter here as the passage was narrow and awkward. Especially where the passage disappeared into a blocked bedding plane an awkward climb up and slide into a roof passage led into another chamber on the other-side. From here though the bedding-plane continued and appeared to be blocked with flood debris.

    Then pool sink: It had a few corners in it that were a little awkward and caused Chris some issues with his larger plane. It was not long until we reached a pitch. Need a rope. I may put this on my to do list to come back to, I think I have only done it once before.

    Boundary, finally. We noticed a lot of water sinking nearby and we knew this was going into the cave system. Not far in we could hear a roar of water, but with careful ferreting by taking a non-obvious route at floor level we avoided it mainly. There was a large waterfall, but the water sank into the ground. More ferreting in the passages saw us to a wet bedding plane which thankfully was not sumped or even that wet surprisingly.

    A heart stopping un-roped traverse across rocks over an 8m drop led to a climb down, and we entered the large and impressive chambers and passageways of Boundary pot.

    From here we made our way to Easter grotto, and instead of going the stream level route we took the high-level route. It’s been a while since I had been here so there was a few wrong turns. We made it through the usual flat out crawl which ends in a 2m drop. I could not figure out a way to down-climb it so I just decided to jump off and try and land on a flat bit. One foot landed in the right place, but not the other landing on the rock. The impact went straight to my balls!

    Anyway after shaking that off a lot of ferreting found the main passage and eventually left by the usual wretched rabbit passage, I would have liked to have gone out of Spiral but I can never remember where the passage starts.

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