Gaping Gill – Saturday 25th Feb 2017

Gaping Gill – Saturday 25th Feb 2017

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    Despite the crap forecast, three hardy souls (Chris Sharman, Chris Kelly and I) opted to head underground. Whilst the trip may not have been of sufficient complexity for some, at least we got out LOL.

    Due to the forecast we decided to head into Gaping Gill via the true Small Mammal route (Whiteway) and SE Aven. The walk up was quite pleasant and dry which was a bonus. Once down we headed for Main Chamber to take in the sight before deciding that the draw of a blazing fire in the New Inn sounded a better option.

    We exited the cave to what the weatherbods had forecasted – pissing down and blowing a hoolie. It must have put some rain down whilst we were underground as it felt like we were ghyll scrambling all the way to the bottom of Trow Gill.

    A quick change saw us sat in the cosy confines of the now upmarket New Inn.

    All in all a quick trip but enjoyable all the same.

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