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    Cavers: Chris Scaife, Don Miller

    A midweek trip for our new bubble. We met in the nature reserve car park between Woodhall and Carperby in Wensleydale, then followed the footpath up through a small wood, past a waterfall to the entrance. We chose the entrance with a drum/pipe, because Don said the other one is more spidery.

    The survey makes this place look straightforward, but in reality the route-finding was quite confusing at times. The whole cave is like a wonderful stream passage that some bastard has almost completely filled with boulders, so there are one or two big chambers and spacious sections, but much of the trip was spent crawling at stream level or clambering over boulders. All good fun of course.

    One chamber early on has a plethora of stals; the rest of the cave has hardly any. Don seemed more interested in the mud sculpture someone had made of a duck sitting on eggs.

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