Yordas 28/11/20

Yordas 28/11/20

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    Cavers: Chris Scaife, Don Miller

    Not being friends or relatives of the Prime Minister, we have had to stick to the lockdown rules so took our daily exercise within our bubble.

    I rigged the Top Entrance, or Yordas Pot, then crawled downstream through water that was deeper than expected. Don kindly decided to go back up the pitch and rig the Middle Entrance so we wouldn’t have to do the crawl again at the end. I wandered around a bit, waiting for him, then began rigging the Chapter House traverse. It was just as technical and challenging as I remembered from the last time I rigged it – hats off to whoever bolted it.

    Don kindly de-rigged, then we went to Slanting. Both of us have been in Slanting several times and it has always been dry at the start. Today there was a powerful stream audible from outside the entrance, which we soon met and realised it would be impassable.

    With no pubs to visit, we changed into our warm clothes and went to hang out in Yordas Main Chamber for a bit.

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