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    Cavers: A Crisis of Chrises – Chris Kelly, Chris Scaife, Chriss Shaman

    Water levels were fairly high in the Dales, but there was no stream flowing into Mayday on arrival; there was when we exited the cave a couple of hours later, but not to worry.

    Shaman rigged the first couple of pitches and, as is my recollection, did it beautifully. The next Chris rigged the third, fourth and fifth pitches, then I rigged the final two. You need quite a lot of rope for the last two, but there are no particularly big drops; if you fell from the top you’d just bounce off a few ledges but I reckon you’d be fine. On the way out, I completely forgot I was derigging and had to do a changeover after passing the deviation. Such a fool.

    Having had a leisurely start, and second breakfast in Inglesport, we were out of the cave by 2pm. Not exactly a full day of caving, but an enjoyable one. Afterwards, for the first time this year, we sat outside the pub in the sun. Just a few days earlier I’d spent most of the day in a whiteout in the Shap fells.

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